May 8, 2020

Prayers are Powerful – Jannie Tang

I am glad to pursue with brothers and sisters here in Vancouver. I treasure the meetings we have on Wednesdays. In the face of the pandemic, we can still come together for online meetings. Last week, I was encouraged by sharings of brothers and sisters related to inviting friends and family members to join gospel events. I saw the importance and power of prayers. When we direct our prayers to God, He hears and takes immediate action. I was motivated to pray more, and trust He will surely answer.

Focus on Him – Margaret Huang

The Lord really spoke to me through this week’s Parent Zoom and the Friday message. I realized that I focused too much on myself (my own feelings, my own inadequacies and lack of skills to contribute, etc.) and I ended up making myself an outsider in this family. Whenever I started to compare, it never ended well, because I never felt good enough. It was such a damaging and depressing feeling. It took away all my joy and gave me guilt and shame. But the Lord encouraged me to really focus on His love and grace. His grace covers all

手足之情 – Vicky Kan

After a Wednesday cell group, I wrote this poem because my heart was very thankful that I could pursue with a group of brothers and sisters with pure hearts. We opened up our schedule, pointed out blind spots for one another, and helped each other to improve. Especially at this time, we still have each other’s back!:) I really treasure this family. 手足之情 我們永屬父子靈 是一體,從一靈,永相連 不分高低,不分你我 彼此相愛,互相扶持 一起發出神的光輝 我是你的臂, 你是我的腳 我為你承擔, 你為我去 一起擺上,一起奮鬥 一起活出和建造神的家

Growing Through Challenges – Winnie Ng

As we near the 7 weeks of transition of Pandemic life, I give thanks more and more for this time of growth in my spirit, and the connection with brothers and sisters. If someone asked me what I would learn or improve in at the beginning of this I year, I don’t think I would’ve confidently been able to respond with “taking more initiative, worshipping more with brothers and sisters, doing exercise more and setting a good daily schedule”. It has especially been a great blessing to enjoy times of “Phone Sing Worship” together with brothers and sisters, and having