May 3, 2020

網上廣東話福音聚會 – 末世見盼望

5/1/2020網上廣東話福音聚會 主題:末世見盼望 Our first online gospel event on May 1st had over 700 viewers watch the event live! Listen to testimonies from those who went through difficult times relying on the Lord, news & Bible prophecies and the gospel presentation. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about how to accept Jesus Christ into your life. May you find peace and joy in the Lord during these times!

Focusing on the Lord to have a Positive Mindset – Maggie Wong

Recently the Lord helped me realize that I have been having incorrect mindsets for many years, which hindered me from enjoying worship and bible reading. I had a lot of wrong thinking patterns. I used to feel like it was such an obligation to join meetings, to have phone prayers and to read the bible daily. I would accuse myself whenever I did not draw close to God on a daily basis, or if I don’t experience the Lord’s presence when I read the bible. All these experiences shaped my mindset into negative thinking. But lately, with the help of