April 16, 2020

Health Care Worker Testimonials – 前線醫護人員見證

During this pandemic, front-line health care workers are facing different challenges and pressures every day. Thank God for protecting them and helping them to have a different understanding and a different spirit during this time. The Church is also praying earnestly for these heroes in the front lines. Below are their thoughts and experiences. May you be greatly encouraged by them. 在疫情厳峻,走在前線的醫護人員,每天面對着不同的挑戰及壓力。感謝神,護庇了他們,也幫助他們有不一樣的心靈及體會。教會也切切為前線的一群勇士禱告。 以下是他們的心聲,盼你得着鼓勵: Bryan Eleyne Connie Rosalie Janice Janice (葯劑師) 疫情初期,工作量已大增,診所關門,多了許多人到藥房;每天電話嚮個不停;加上許多藥物、防疫用品缺貨,顧客也有不好的情緒。我有部份病人,他們是長期使用毒品,屬於高風險一族……這些情況令我心裡感受艱難,覺得很需要親近主和依靠神面對每一天。到了第二星期,身邊有兩個同事相繼出現病徵,要家居隔離,接受測試;我第一時間想到家人,雖然如此,心裡有從神而來的平安,確信祂看顧著我和我的家。參加Phone Sing, 體會主在榮耀中、在寶座上,心靈很得幫助,今生有盼望。 Blue & Terrence Blue Terrence Michael Ian 近期很多病人,當中包括一些弟兄姊妹,都問我:在這疫情下仍然照常工作會害怕嗎?我好肯定的回答:完全不害怕! 因為主曾說:「我留下平安給你們,我將我的平安賜給你們。我所賜的,不像世人所賜的。你們心裡不要憂愁,也不要膽怯。」(約翰福音14章:27節) 即使世界各地每日確診的人數不斷上升,我心裡也十分平安。因為我知道一切都在神的掌權當中,祂必使萬事互相效力。 因疫症緣故,我已經有一段日子沒見弟兄姊妹的臉了。不過,透過Phone Sing Worship (豐盛齊來敬拜),不但我的心靈得到很大供應,我更看見全地合一的寶貴!我感謝神給了我這份工作。我更寶貴神透過這次世界性的疫症,讓我們走貼祂的心意。盼望大家一同努力,使主的工作繼續興旺。

Our Recent Improvements – Mark Wong

In my group, we have improved in proactively keeping phone calls with brothers. In the past, we were not comfortable enough to make phone calls. We became more courageous to make phone calls and step out of our comfort zone. Every week, there are phone calls and texts between more brothers. The Lord also encouraged us to have better structure so that everyone in the group could be more connected to talk to each other. We became more keen and proactive because of love. Love is the great ministry, and now we are more courageous to walk it out.

“Phone Sing” Worship Team Testimonials #11

Benefits of Phone Sing The arrangement of the phone sing worship during this pandemic has uplifted my spirit. Before, when I was working, I could only see brothers and sisters during the meeting days, and talked to them one more time for weekly phone prayers. Because of the arrangements, I can sing and worship with brothers and sisters every day. I look forward to it. I get to worship with brothers and sisters from all over the world too. I really experienced the global unity. Although it’s only a short 20 minutes each time, but I enjoy it very much.