April 12, 2020

“Phone Sing” Worship Team Testimonials (Toronto) #10

I joined the Phone Sing worship this morning. I enjoyed it so much. Violin taught us to just listen to brothers and sisters’ worship, and it is that simple to bring us to go back to the Lord. Joey Chow I enjoyed the Phone Sing worship a lot. I saw more, and understood the Song of Solomon Chapter 8 more. The worship of brothers and sisters were short, to the point; and even though only a few voiced out, the enjoyment was still very deep. Meiwa So I joined the 11:30 Phone Sing worship. I feel you can do so

God’s Purpose for Me – Katy Lee Law

These days after the Bible reading Zoom meeting (Ephesians 1:1-12), I was reminded that the Lord has predestined me since before the foundation of the earth, not just to enjoy many blessings but to be glorious. He has a purpose and will for me. Thinking of this, I didn’t think God would’ve predestined me to just a life of chores and taking care of kids, however much I enjoy doing these. Or even to a life of teaching and work. My priorities have to be set straight. I see very clearly that I don’t want to just be a housewife

Enjoy Singing Hymns – Maggie Wong

I have incorporated singing hymns into my daily worship for the past couple of weeks. The evermusic app is a wonderful way for me to learn new songs. I didn’t know how to sing a lot of the songs before, but with the app I am able to follow along and learn many new songs. With everything that is going right now and my busy work schedule, I sometimes find it difficult to read the bible. I find singing hymns very relaxing and it does not require a lot of time. Its a great pick-me-up when I want to lift

All Things Work Together for Good All Things Work Together for Good – Katy Lee Law

Though the recent pandemic has restricted me and my children physically in the past few weeks, I’ve found these weeks surprisingly enjoyable. I find that my capacity has even increased. I have more quality time to spend with my children and we have set a very nice schedule for our every day. Both the children and I have Zoom meetings at different times of the day every day, including family fellowship with two other families, exercise time, Smarties fellowship time, and worship/bible reading/parent training time for me. I’ve also been able to add additional Spanish ministry now, because the online