March 31, 2020

“Phone Sing” Worship Team 齊來拜一拜 Testimonials #6

“The Father’s love” When I sang one of the songs during the Phone Sing worship time this morning, I realized how much the Father loves me. Truly, “from young to old, He fosters me.” I recalled kneeling down to pray when my parents were quarrelling. I was studying at St. John Baptist Elementary School. God the Father answered my prayers. I did not know who I could ask to ease my pains—all I knew was to pray the “daily prayer” we learned in school repeatedly. I did not know exactly who or where God was. Now, I treasure that He

Online Church Meeting Testimonials

I Enjoy the Convenience of Gathering Together I think that it is very convenient that we can gather together in this time. We can listen to the message through Zoom and other apps. I only need to type in the meeting code, and it will allow me to enjoy the meeting and enjoy the Lord. It is also beneficial to me, because I can join as many meetings as I want! I can wake up and join the morning Zoom meetings and enjoy the Lord and His love towards me! Every day I can start my morning off hearing the