January 31, 2020

I am 12 years old -Michelle Yu – AP Camp 2019

Hi, I’m Michelle, and this year I got the opportunity to visit the Philippines for the AP camp. During this camp, I gained and experience many things that I could not experience in Vancouver. One of the things I gained is how to be more independent. For example, washing my own clothes. Another thing is that I could take care of myself even when my parents were not there to help me or support me. I could learn to support myself and others. Another thing I gained is how to build relationships with brothers and sisters that I do not

Lay aside all things and be alone with God – Beth Banh – AP Camp 2019

Give thanks to God for this 2019 AP Camp. Though my physical body rejected the conditions in Tarlac, Philippines, but my spirit was uplifted and renewed so it made it all worthwhile. This camp gave me the time for me to be alone with God and to face my internal struggles with the help of brothers and sisters inadvertently training me. I learnt another way of looking at fellowship and what it means to turn to the Lord. A lot of the times, I easily jump to conclusions and place judgments, which hindered me to build close relationships. Having the