July 7, 2019

Asia Pacific Camp 2019 – Joel (Ambang, Malaysia)

After this AP camp, I understand more about the motivation, vision and foundation in life in order to go for the Lord. In this camp, I deeply experienced the Lord’s personal love. He gave Himself for me (one and most conclusive thing). This is my biggest motivation to work and live according to His will. Also, I should see what the Lord sees. I find that I really lack this way of thinking and sight in my life. I should help myself to have this vision. Speaking of foundation, now I know that it is not just Bible study, but

Asia Pacific Camp 2019 – Judy Fung

Judy Fung (South Korea) In the AP camp, my vision, motivation, and foundation have been renewed. I saw a global family, the family that satisfies God and men the most, the core of God’s plan and will. I recalled why I first decided to offer more time serving the Lord: His personal love to me and the need of God and men. I was reminded to offer my daily life to God, to live by Him, live to Him, live with Him, and live for Him. Also, I see the importance of partner/team pursue and support, which have been lacking

Asia Pacific Camp 2019 – Nelda Chung (The Philippines / Hong Kong)

Nelda Chung (The Philippines / Hong Kong) After joining this camp, I am really strengthened. I felt and experienced the power of such gatherings. Of every brother and sister from different places, I saw each one’s fervent heart to build the church after God’s heart. One of my gains is about time management  and self discipline. I have learnt more about the preciousness of PERSONAL TIME PARTNER TIME TEAM TIME FAMILY TIME BREAK TIME Now I am more relaxed and a bit wiser in spending my time than before.

Asia Pacific Camp 2019 – Gyanendra Giri (Nepal / Hong Kong)

Gyanendra Giri (Nepal / Hong Kong) The AP camp in Singapore was an eye-opening camp to me. I understood and experienced what sweet daily living really is. I was touched to tears many times during the meetings after deeply realizing the living way the Lord has given to this movement, and that is to Live to Him, Live by Him, Live with Him, and Live for Him. It’s not as theoretical but true experience. Now I am back to Hong Kong after the camp, but I review again and again those messages and important truths. I am so much enlightened

Asia Pacific Camp 2019 – Roman (Hong Kong)

第一次參加亞太區英語同工營。弟兄姊妹來自不同民族,能夠同心相愛,一同追求,機會真難得!這都是靠主恩典,和多年來弟兄姊妹往普天下去辛苦耕耘的結果。當我們用各自的語言,唱同一調子的歌讚美神,這可視為啟示錄第五章的一個預嚐。這神家大合唱的景象,是何等的美! 今次同工營裡,更深體會「動力、異象、根基」的意義,而根基就包含了「同伴」(partner)和「日程」(schedule)。 以下是同工營中,感受深刻的一段聖經:「神的旨意」和「行事為人」的關連和配合。「因此,我們自從聽見的日子,也就為你們不住的禱告祈求,願你們在一切屬靈的智慧悟性上,滿心知道神的旨意;好叫你們行事為人對得起主,凡事蒙祂喜悅,在一切善事上結果子,漸漸的多知道神;照祂榮耀的權能,得以在各樣的力上加力,好叫你們凡事歡歡喜喜的忍耐寬容;又感謝父,叫我們能與眾聖徒在光明中同得基業。」(西一9-12) 我在「第一程」信主,當時的眼界,只有香港和由香港移民去世界各地的弟兄姊妹。理性上知道主的心意要流向世界各地,但從未知如何實現,也不知自己如何參與,怎樣有分。 感謝神,祂沒有忘記我們少年時的心志,祂知道我們的「少年夢」。我和大部分上班弟兄姊妹一樣,可以動用的時間很少。我在香港成長和受教育,英語的表達能力亦十分有限,自知裝備有限,能力有限,但我都鼓勵自己「硬着頭皮」去嘗試。我鼓勵自己要愛惜光陰, 不知道自己有多少機會,可以為主擺上。 趁着還有今天,就要開始踏出第一步。主會一步步帶領。 黃剛揚 Roman

Asia Pacific Camp 2019 – Constant (Hong Kong)

陳偉雄 Constant 亞太區英語同工營,單是與八十多個來自各地的弟兄姊妹,聚首一堂,我已很快樂。 聚會很豐富,談到異象、動機、根基。其中一點很深刻,就是我們的「根基」,除了有個人操練,還要有關係密切的團隊。而有一天早上,我特別感動,聚會中講到神的心、神的愛、神的需要、世界的需要,還有很多弟兄姊妹放下自己、為主出外的寶貴見證。我覺得,那次聚會是個轉捩點。我明顯感受到神在我們心中動工,以祂的愛感動和激勵我們,我和許多弟兄姊妹,都想復興和重整(revival and reformation)。 除了聚會,還有「家庭時光」,例如各地弟兄姊妹唱出自己國家的兒歌,快樂到飛起!我們又試過用不同語言唱〈天父的心曲〉和〈彩雲會〉,我深深體會全地一家,同享父愛,歡候主來,是多麼珍貴!是各地尋求主心意的弟兄姊妹,一起完成這時代榮耀的託付。 之後聚會,談到完工之路和十個時光,而最吸引我的,是提到同伴時光——我們真的需要一同追求,彼此支持。同工營以「向祂活著,因祂活著,與祂同活,為祂活著」為總結,我覺得很合適,也明顯看見弟兄姊妹進步了。大家都願意重整生活,活得榮耀,我也很想心靈和事奉更進一步,踏出「安舒區」,為主走得更遠!

Asia Pacific Camp 2019 – Sharon Chan (Hong Kong)

Sharon Chan (Hong Kong) I was very touched after the message about motivation. I saw God’s need for my love and response and I found that I have a need to always stay connected with Him and to be transformed in Him so that I can really understand what He feels and wants. Thanks to the Lord for showing us His commission. The momentum of this Biblical Church Revival Movement in these 50 years is very impressive when I saw a brother who took part in the early stage in this movement in Hong Kong is now serving in Indonesia,

Asia Pacific Camp 2019 – Karine Wong (Hong Kong)

My world vision for His will has become clearer during this AP camp. The first meeting has been influencing me until now. Co-workers from 13 different countries striving for the Lord and His will came together to pursue Him. I can see that it would be a great impact for the entire Asian regions when we all spread what we gained in this camp. For me, that insight of mine mentioned above enhanced my own willingness to take up more in ministry. I have been striving for the Lord. However, for those ministry areas I did not want to involve,

Asia Pacific Camp 2019 – Wai Ying Chau

The AP Coworkers Camp was a great experience. I got to know more brothers and sisters especially from India and Nepal. I was impressed by how brothers and sisters improved when living together as a family. We had family time and we laughed so much! I saw the different skills and experiences we all have; from farmers to entrepreneurs, from talents to educational backgrounds. We all are one family in God and we share our resources and skills. No one is left behind in God.