April 25, 2018

April 13 (Fri) team 後感 – Alison Chan

阿爸,從亙古祢就有這顆親阿爸的心 祢和主的愛計劃就是我和這個家 從一開始祢已全然投入、委身 多少人誤解祢,不明白,未看見祢親阿爸的心腸! 這顆心向我打開了 我得以明白、進入、享受我阿爸向我的愛 這麼美麗、廣闊、慈愛⋯⋯向我湧流! 能與祢一同歡樂跳舞,盡享祢的熱情父愛 更能挨在祢懷,靜靜的看著祢,聽著祢 停在祢面前,留在祢心懷 是的 我是祢的好寶寶,祢是我的親阿爸 不再需要什麼 阿爸與我,我與阿爸 今早team的敬拜實在很感動,只得8-9個弟兄姊妹,但感受阿爸向我們打開祂的心,我們更深進入明白祂心底。多寶貴在阿爸和主的心意計劃中,祂要我成為祂親孩子,不是一個「稱呼」,是實在的關係。不單我需要祂,祂也極需要我,不單我享祂父的親情,我也讓祂享受我作祂親孩子的快樂(child affection),我們一同歡樂、歌舞。 到尾聲,唱完《挨靠父懷》,我們靜一靜,我想像自己在阿爸的懷中。我問:「阿爸有什麼想對我說呢?」心中出現兩句說話:「你是我的好寶寶,我是祢的親爸爸!」我的心溶化了!多寶貴!這就是阿爸的心,祂最要、最享受我與祂父子親情!不是別的能奪去祂心(我的事奉、表現⋯⋯)而是我! 十分珍貴能這樣敬拜父!真的,世上很多基督徒,但有多少明白阿爸的心?又有多少能這樣自由無阻無陰影地敬拜阿爸?寶貴我們能這樣滿足阿爸的渴想!

Two are better than one – Jannie Tang

I am very thankful to have good partners from church to support me. I have been struggling to exercise regularly for many years. Recently, however, I have a sister to exercise with me every week. I can wake up earlier on those days and take time to talk to God more. When I am more motivated in the start of the day, my whole day is better.

Beholding – Kerry Li

Beholding the Lord throughout the day helps me to be more relax and joyous at work. Also, I gain more wisdom from the Lord on how to make wise decisions and encounter different people at work. Beholding the Lord makes me cherish every day with Him and Abba.

My partner helped me to achieve my goal – Alison Chan

I have been enjoying the benefits of having a partner to pursue together. I shared with my partner my goal-to be stable in reading the Bible after dinner. Ever since I shared this with her, I have become more aware of it and I got motivated to pick up my Bible and read right after dinner. The thought of having to give an account to my partner also gave me a push to do so. When I have more time to read the Bible, I find myself more calm, and my heart can be anchored in His truth. I look

No goal too small to share – Michelle Wan

It wasn’t easy to share with my partner about one small bad habit I failed to make changes in the past decade, if not longer. However, I felt loved and cared when my partner listened closely, showed understanding without being judgemental. Since we set the goals together, I have a stronger awareness to my habit, and it helps me to put a stop to the habit earlier. Through this small partner time, I understand no goal is ever too small to care, nor too shameful to share.

A meaningful daily life – Christina Kwan

Lately our group has been encouraging each other to improve in various aspects, including spirit and lifestyle. For myself, I have always wanted to be stable with Bible reading, sleeping early, and exercise. I started to do all these regularly with encouragement, as we remember why we want to do this and make concrete plans to achieve these. My daily life is not only more productive, but meaningful.