May 25, 2017

I have my place in God’s plan – Jannie Tang

​I read Psalm 5 with my sisters​ and I ​came to ​kn​o​​​w more about David – his heart for God, and that he ​wa​s on God’s side. He trust​ed​ in God’s faithfulness​.​ I thought about where I​ am​ stand​ing​ in God’s plan. I see my appearance in His time line. I am on God’s side and certain​ enough,​ my name is in the Book of Life. My place with God in His kingdom is sure.

Closer to God & God’s family – Joanna Zhao (Grade 7)

We ​had a 2​-day sleepover at Tuhien’s place​.​ At the sleepover I got to learn more about ​one an​other​. We​ laugh​ed​ together and bond​ed​ with ​one an​other more. ​Moreover, ​I got to worship the Lord and the Father more. I ​then truly​ underst​oo​d and realize​d​ that the Lord and the Father love​ me with all their heart and that they would do anything to gain me back. On Sunday, we learnt the importance of using faith to worship. This week I tried my best to have more faith in the Lord and Abba. This really helped me​ by giving me

God’s True Love – Chloe Huang (Grade 5)

For the past 2 days I had a sleep over at Tuhien’s house with other sisters. We really got to bond, laugh, and learn more about each other. The very next day we went to a field/park​ and​ we really experience​d​ the Lord and Abba’s true love​! It was so wonderful and exciting knowing that our ​F​ather loved ​us ​so much! He would do anything to make u​s​ as happy as possible! Later on we​ made pizza, ​went​ to Costco and ha​d​ more sister time together! God’s family is truly the best! Also, for the past week, we have been

Developed good habit during gap time – Tuhien Trieu

Recently I have developed a good habit which I​’d​ heard of for a long time. During team worship, whenever someone choose a song to sing, during the gap time or waiting time, I would look at the Lord and talk to Him. It helps me to be in the presence of God continually. I feel closer to Him throughout the team time. Now it has become a habit and it also has carried throughout the day. For example, when​ I drive and ​come​ to a red​ ​light, I behold the Lord and talk to Him. This keeps my mind ​and

A memorable sleepover – Esther Li (Grade 7)

In May, I had my first sleepover with the sisters ​in Christ. Though I had gone to many other sleepovers, I felt ​that​ this one was different. At the sleepover, we all had the chance to pray and worship God during (and between) our daily routines. We even went to a cemetry to draw ​near to God​! By the end of the day, we got to know each other more and more. Even though I had to leave early to finish my project, it was a memorable experience and ​I​ hope that the Sunshine ​G​roup will be able to host