April 9, 2017

Stronger after training – Penny Ng

I give thanks to God in the past year of maternity leave, the Lord has trained my spiritual discipline. When I was in the home environment with my son, my mind could go loose easily, as I had to attend to my son, yet the tasks did not require my complete focus (similar to doing house chores). I learned to catch those moments and to remind myself to turn to God and behold Him from time to time. Now that I am back to work, I realize how this spiritual practice has helped me to be closer to God than

Enjoying pursuit together – Susanna Yang

I give thanks that at this stage as a mom of two young children, I have a lot of support and understanding from the sisters around me. We pray for each other and support each other. In such a warm environment, I talk or share about myself more with the sisters in my group. I am happier than before. We also pursue together, practicing and walking out the Everlasting Way. I exercise faith more in my daily life. I am so glad that I have such a great team to support me every day.

Regular exercise – Blue Ngo

If you ask me, “What is your biggest improvement in these past few months?” I would have to say, “For the past two months, I was finally able to do exercise regularly, at least once a week.” I still remember when a sister shared the Sunday message in January, and asked “Tell us one weakness that has really bothered you, and that you really want to overcome.” I have set goals to do exercise in the past, but could not sustain it, especially since becoming a mom. But this time, the sister’s question really struck my mind – why don’t

Improvements – Amy Deng

Over the past few months, as my count-down began for the end of maternity leave, and beginning full time work, I reflected about what I had learned and experienced in the past year. I give thanks to the Lord for making the Everlasting Way and Finishing Way clearer to me. By diligently trying to practice on many of the elements that I had been weak on in the past, I have improved greatly on doing house chores, being more stable on exercising, and planning for my daily schedule. Several factors helped me to make those improvements. The main reason was

My glorious breakthrough – Margaret Huang

In the past month I have experienced one of the biggest breakthrough in my life; a breakthrough that has helped me to overcome many spiritual misconceptions and mental struggles. For the past 5 years, I have experienced a case of depression and it got worst after my son was born in 2014. I stayed home all the time and didn’t want to socialize with anybody. I didn’t enjoy doing any type of activity; life was full of worries and fear for me. Often I had suicidal thoughts and wished that life would have a switch on and off button –

Recent improvements in exercise – Agnes Yip

Since I have been a mother, I faced the challenge of doing exercise regularly. In January this year, I decided to make more effort to seriously change. I gathered other sisters’ tips and reminders. I arranged affordable time: 5mins to start with. I learned and found a way that works for me. Since then I have been able to exercise 3 times a week. I feel happier and have more energy to enjoy the Lord in my personal time and in the meetings. I can also take care of my son better.

Catch the mind – Fiona Cheng

I learned to “catch my mind” recently. I would ask myself “What am I thinking now?”, especially when I am facing a challenge or confrontation. I would ask myself “Why do I have that feeling?” Then, I would hold back to think about my situation instead of reacting right away. I would consider the reason for the actions or reactions of the people that I am talking to. This pause gives me time to put the truth from the Bible in front of me before I react, which helps to take away the negative feelings. My response would be totally

I’m His first and eternal darling – Frankie Ng

Even though I knew that I’m the Lord’s first love and compatible darling, I cannot fully comprehend it. And so I often feel that I’m not good enough, especially when I did something wrong. Lately I have been under attack a lot from the enemies – not sleeping well, suppression, temptations, and these made my spirit feel even more down and tiresome. I couldn’t have enough time to draw near to Him and let Him really comfort me, until today when I listen to the bro/sis sharing about the Feb 19th meeting in HK. My eyes and my heart were