February 24, 2017

Gains from North American camp – Wai Ying Chau

During the North American camp, I saw how the Lord used the children to glorify His name. Seeing the younger ones involving in ministry can already show brothers and sisters that there is hope all the church over the world. I felt God’s presence during the Sunday children fellowship time. I felt the Lord using the little ones to show that even at their age, they can settle soon after arriving to the room and can pay attention to the message during fellowship. I think that this did not happen overnight. The Lord has been preparing the little ones through

Gains from North American camp – Katy Lee Law

Hearing about the summary of the 2nd and 3rd journey of our church made me recall my own journey in this movement. Putting it altogether, I could see that the Lord has been working in many ways, through many details in our personal lives and in the church’s journey, to bring us forward more and more. Everything is related and in God’s big plan; even things I felt were just about me had their connection to His will. I saw how many things in the 2nd journey were equipping us to do greater and greater things for Him in larger

Gains from North American camp – Jenny Lee

Through seeing the progress we made in the 3rd journey, I realize how important it is to have the 2nd journey because it is equipping us to be ready to go out to this world. I felt the Lord really wants this world to know Him. He loves and cares for them. He needs us. We should be steadfast in walking on the everlasting way and finishing way so that we can have the strength and faith to respond to His commission every day.

Gains from North American camp – Ida Kong

I am touched by the brothers and sisters’ sharing in the North America Camp. Thanks the Lord who sent so many workers to the world to build churches that are after His heart. And give thanks that we have the second journey, we can have a clear way to bring people of different cultures and races to worship with the same heart. After the camp, I feel that I need to do more and stand up more for the Lord, but at the same time, I am lack of confidence. Give thanks to the Lord that through the team worship,

Gain from North American camp – Frankie Ng

During the coworker camp, I truly see the whole picture of how abundant the 2nd journey and the 3rd journey are. I also see even more clearly what we have gained in the 2nd journey really sets a very firm foundation for the work that was about to come in the 3rd journey. I was especially impressed by the children brothers and sisters; how in such a young age they can learn how to experience God and also partake in ministry. When I was young, the 2nd journey had not started and I didn’t know how to experience God until

Gain from North American camp – Nita Law

I deeply experienced God in this camp; I strongly felt God’s presence. In this camp, the Lord motivates me to steadfastly practice what we have learned in the second journey. I really feel that the Lord renewed me and opened up my spiritual eyes to see the importance of us in this generation

Gain from North American camp – Kerry Li

After the North American Camp, I can say I am super blessed to be able to persuade with brothers and sisters in vancouver. I did not know anything about God or how to experience before believing in our church. After hearing Candy and Tony’s sharing about other churches, how they had been taught about “Song of Solomon” and how they prayed to God, I realized that being in this movement and knowing the way to experience God is so precious. Also, seeing all the works around the world, I felt God’s passions towards the church after his heart. He never

Gain from North American camp – Elise Choi

Through the sharing in the North America camp , I am encouraged by God’s great work among us. The Lord has brought us to pass through the dark valley and brought us to the abundant land. In the past few years, we built churches in different places in the world. The Lord opened great gospel doors in all age groups in Hong Kong. The Lord is the head of the church and He is guiding us along the way. When we walk on the right path, we will experience Him and His work.

Gain from North American camp – May Leung

Below are some of my gains in West Coast Camp: 1) No matter at what age, when we walk on the everlasting way and experience God deeply, we can be used by God. We have brothers as young as 12 & 13 who are worship leaders. 2) To have a pursue team whose members have clear vision, truthful to each other to pursue together will help each other to improve quicker. 3) Coworkers meeting is not just for discussing ministry, but to pursue and have fellowship with each other. This will bind our spirit close to each other. Also, we