January 3, 2017

The turning point in my relationship with God – Sunshine Group

Victoria Kan I believed in the Lord when I was very young, but my faith decreased after I entered university. In the first year of university, I told God that I needed a break. I took a six-month break and during that time, I did not talk to Him at all. I started drinking, playing mahjong, and went to karaoke a lot with friends. At first, I found it very fun and exciting. However, the more I did it, the more I felt empty. One night I cried to Him and asked Him if I can go back to Him.

The turning point in my relationship with God – Sapphire Group

Kerry Li When I first came to Vancouver, I was in my teens. I did not know about how to take care of myself and the culture in Canada. I felt lost. I did not know why I was here. I asked myself, departing from my loved ones to a new surrounding is hard and full of suffering, was I here for studying only? Why do I need to leave my comfortable life to be here? Why do I need to adapt to a new environment and new language? So I started to search around to find the meaning of

The turning point in my relationship with God – Pillar Group

Truman Ho When I was younger, I didn’t like to read the Bible. When Sharon gave me a picture Bible, I got really attracted to the pictures and the war stories. So I started to read the Bible from David. Devin Liao In Camp, 2009, I experienced God’s love. Back then, I involved less in Church meetings, now I can enjoy more. Heman Ho When a brother shared a message about Revelation, I got interested and started reading the Bible myself. Timothy Chow When I was young, I didn’t like going to Friday night meetings, but then God told me

The turning point in my relationship with God – Mighty Men Group

Johnny Chiu When I was in my teenage years, I wanted to enjoy the fun from the world and my heart towards God faded. My mind was filled with TV shows, celebrities, pop songs … etc. Many years after, I returned to Church again after I came to Canada, and I was encouraged to communicate with God personally. I never felt that I would have the privilege to draw close to God, as in school we were always told that we got influenced by the world and we were no good and God disliked us. However, when I learned more

The turning point in my relationship with God – Living Stone Group

Tony Nguyen A recent turning point in my life was when I learnt how to be more free before God by praising Him. Before, I would just ask Him for blessings. Even if they were godly things to better my service in his commission, it wasn’t until I was exposed to the songs at 123 and their lyrics full of truths about our God that I learnt to praise Him for all his goodness. Now it’s so much easier to be before God. Because it’s easy to praise Him again and again and it doesn’t feel like it’s getting old.

The turning point in my relationship with God – Jasper Group

Katy Law Growing up in a Christian family, I knew a lot about God and did many things because of Him. However, I lacked the heart to heart direct experience from Him. I knew He was good, and that I want to love Him, but sometimes I just couldn’t feel His closeness, like how my parents or older brothers and sisters could do. My turning point came when I was a teenager at a special camp in the summer. I remember during the time that we worshipped, I felt God coming very close to me. I finally understood what God’s

The turning point in my relationship with God – Alpha Group

Jenny Lee At the time when I just graduated from university, I had no idea what I was going to do. So before that, I already planned myself a graduation trip to go volunteering in Cape Town and delayed my planning of what I will need to do afterwards. While I was on the trip, I thought I could relax, but as the days to go back to Vancouver were approaching, I became more stressed. Facing the fact that I had no idea what kind of job to get, I was in debt from student loans and I always had