December 24, 2016

My personal experience with God – Sunshine Group

Sofia Chau After I quit my first job, I was jobless for almost a year. My savings were almost gone and I was worried sick about how to survive once I’ve spent my last savings. I prayed to God. He understands my worries and my needs. When I was reaching to my last ~$500, I got a job. And it’s one that suited me. Alice Tan I had to take a driving test, but it was raining very hard. I was very scared so I prayed to the lord to stop the rain. When I got into the car with

My personal experience with God – Sapphire Group

Kerry Li I am an international student. I used to live with my family members in the same household. There were also many good friends who lived in the same community. I had a lot of loved ones surrounding me. Honestly, I did not know how to take care of myself or do house chores such as cooking, cleaning and so on in the past. Therefore, when I first cooked in the homestay, I almost burned the house due to using the microwave inappropriately. Since then, the homestay mother no longer allows me to cook by myself. In the past,

My personal experience with God – Pleasant Group

Jesse Lo I experienced God’s personal love when I was very sick four years ago. I had very severe eczema and I was not able to go to work or study. I spent all my time at home alone. I couldn’t sleep at night and I felt very depressed. I told God that I wanted to kill myself because of the pain. I asked God to show me He cared for me. Then my parents decided to come from Hong Kong to take care of me. In those weeks, I prayed with my parents and I had a very good

My personal experience with God – Pillar Group

Andy Yung After one of my P.E. classes, I realized I had forgotten my locker code. I had left my homework in my locker and was very worried about it. I prayed to God and He gave me peace and helped me not to worry. After that, I went to class and my teacher let me hand it in after school. Elon Suen One summer after I graduated from post-secondary school, I went to Fiji to volunteer and visit the Church there. I was hit by a car and experienced a lot of pain. Every morning, I sat under the

My personal experience with God – Mighty Men Group

Johnny Chiu After believing in God, during my kindergarten, when my mother walked me to school in the morning, whenever I looked up to the sky, I felt that God is very kind to me and very close to me. That kind of feeling of warmth is still very vivid in my heart after all these years. Although my sickness was not improving at that time and I suffered a lot, whenever I thought of Him, or reading the Bible alone, my heart felt warm and at peace. John Leung In 2013, nine months after a breakup, I had finally

My personal experience with God – Living Stone Group

Joe Lee I experienced God’s personal love, ever since I first believed in Him. Before, I was being bullied and had no friends in high school. I was socially awkward and felt nobody understood me. I earnestly asked God to give me just one true friend. I experienced Him accepting who I am, becoming my best friend – a friend who understands my heart and all my needs. Now, I don’t even mind being alone anymore, but actually treasure the times without people the most, because having Him is my greatest satisfaction.

My personal experience with God – Jasper Group

Katy Law When I was in my first semester of university, I was having a hard time adjusting to life in a different city, without my parents. Many things were unfamiliar to me, not to mention my school work was hard to manage on top of that. At one point, I felt very homesick and had a thought to go back home to Calgary. I felt that I missed my comfortable environment and I missed the snow, since it usually snows by that time of year. When I lifted my eyes to talk to the Lord about this, I saw

My personal experience with God – Alpha Group

Jenny Lee There was a time when my dogs passed away, that I felt depressed because they grew up with me and it was heartbreaking that they left. One morning at home, I found a light floral scent that was very nice and refreshing. I was attracted to it, but I couldn’t find where it was coming from. I thought having some flowers would make me feel better, so I asked God to make me happy again and told Him I wanted flowers! But the whole day, I couldn’t find any flowers that I wanted. Then later that day to

My first thought about God’s existence – Crystal Group

Angela Lin My family follows the Chinese traditions of worshipping idols and ancestors. Since young, I have known there is a “god” in this world. I would pray to a “god” when I wanted to get good marks on my exams. Cynthia Li I first knew about the existence of God when I went to churches in the States in 2013. At that time, I wasn’t sure. I could not understand people’s worship. At that time, I though God was very far from me. I might be just a minimal one of his creatures.  Although God cannot be seen with