December 12, 2016

I am convinced that God is Real – Sapphire Group

Kerry Li I used to have this burning feeling in my heart, and I did not have peace in my heart, since I was young. I could feel the dark power – ghosts. I could not explain what exactly they were, but I could feel them. When I shared my struggles with family members, they could not understand me and could not help me. One day, some Christmas volunteer friends approached me and helped me to know Christ. After believing in God, I finally experienced what is “peace” and “joy”. I no longer had the burning feeling in my heart,

I am convinced that God is Real – Pleasant Group

Michael Li When I was young, I experienced God. I was always a careless and forgetful boy. I remember one time, I misplaced my keys or dropped them. I was very afraid, because I would get yelled at by my parents. I prayed to God. Immediately a thought came, reminding me to look in my backpack again. I found the keys in a secret pocket in my backpack. Rex Fong Fast forward to when I was in Vancouver. At that time, I became a little undisciplined and disobedient to my family. So my family had decided to bring me to

I am convinced that God is Real – Sunshine Group

Sofia Chau Before my mom passed away from cancer, I was pondering about life without her. My mom was someone who always has everything ready and prepared for her children. The feeling of loneliness would creep up from time to time, until one day I opened the Bible and read a verse that said, “I will not leave you orphans….” I felt a sudden warmth and comfort surrounding me. I was at peace. After my mom passed away, I can feel that the phrase, ‘She’s at a better place,’ became so true for her and also for me, as I

I am convinced that God is Real – Pillar Group

Truman Ho I prayed to God when I broke my wrist. I prayed that I would heal quicker. I knew God is real when He answered my prayers. My arm healed twice as fast as expected. Heman Ho I experienced God when I sprained my ankle and that same day we had to go running for PE. It started to rain before I started to run, so it got postponed. I had prayed to God. Jeffrey Chow Every time I feel lonely, I feel someone else being with me, keeping me from feeling lonely. Timothy Chow I felt God is

I am convinced that God is Real – Mighty Men Group

Johnny Chiu My family sent me to a Christian kindergarten out of consideration of education planning for me. Before I started going to this school, my mother seriously told me, “Don’t believe in Jesus,” because this is against the family’s values. My curiosity towards Christian belief was aroused. As soon as the school started, the teacher preached the gospel in class. I felt that what she said was very true and I really want to receive the salvation, because I felt that this God is so full of love and care for men. Not like the other gods that I

I am convinced that God is Real – Living Stone Group

John Lo There was a weekend right before the final examinations during my third year of study in university. The Church meeting place was moving, and we all needed to help pack the boxes and move to the new place. I struggled at the beginning if I should give a hand as the exam was very important to me. If I went, I might not have enough time to study. So I prayed to the Lord and asked Him for wisdom so that I could finish my study in a short time. At the end, I helped out brothers and

I am convinced that God is Real – Jasper Group

Katy Law When I was ending my last year of university, I faced great challenges in my studies. I had not gotten good marks at all and was asked to withdraw from university. Also, the night before my last final for that semester, one of my close friends from high school urgently contacted me and told me that one of my friends from high school had committed suicide. I felt I had to deal with many things at that moment. Although many tried to support me and give me advice and suggestions, I still didn’t know what advice I could

I am convinced that God is Real – Alpha Group

Wai Ying Chau About 2 years ago, I encountered a problem with my residency. My residency application was rejected. Then when I was about to re-apply, the rules changed and I could no longer use the same documents to apply. I was very stressed and anxious. I continued to pray and find solutions to deal with the situation. By the end of the experience, I felt that the Lord wanted me to give my burdens to Him. I experienced a peace that I’ve never had before. I experienced that He is with me and that He will carry me through.