December 6, 2016

My first thought about God’s existence – Sunshine Group

Tina The first time I thought about God was when I was 5 or 6 years old. I thought about God because I was influenced by some TV dramas, like the Journey to the West and Greek mythologies. However, those are not the true God. I was just attracted by their super powers shown on TV. The first time I got to know the true God was when I came to church. I didn’t see any supernatural powers, but I strongly felt that God was with me. He gave me power, made me strong and enhanced my faith. Tuhien Trieu

My first thought about God’s existence – Sapphire Group

Kerry Li Since I was in primary school, in my heart, I knew there was something that could protect me, bless me and comfort me. I had a great desire of finding something that could give me true peace and joy. My family members were very superstitious. They worshipped different types of idols and antecedents. So I knew that there must be something we cannot see, but we want to gain blessing and peace from it. Wendy Kuang I first thought about God on Christmas Eve in 2015. I took part in the Christmas party in Alison’s house. We celebrated

My first thought about God’s existence – Jasper Group

Katy Law When I was very young, I remember visiting my grandparents’ place without my parents. There were idols there and I didn’t know what they were, as no one had ever told me. However, when my grandma asked me to worship them, I felt very uneasy and uncomfortable. I felt very strongly in my heart that it was wrong and I did not want to do it. I refused and later told my parents what had happened. They explained to me that those were what my grandparents believed to be gods, but they are false gods made by man’s

My first thought about God’s existence – Alpha Group

Wai Ying Chau When I was in my kindergarten/primary school years, I asked myself why I existed and questioned about my meaning of life. Especially when I was angry, I questioned why things happened in the way that they happened. As I attended Catholic school, I wondered which god was real. My classmates believed in the Virgin Mary and Jesus. My parents believed in Buddah and worshipped ancestors. Katy Lee Law I never questioned that God existed, because I had been exposed to Catholicism from young. I didn’t really know much about it or want to know either. When I