July 14, 2016

Bible reading gain: Joseph in Genesis – Frankie Ng

Joseph encountered many trials in his life but he never complained to God but abode with Him. This helped him continuously find favour before the people he encountered and raised to be second in the kingdom. He held onto to the vision he once had when he was young and was full of faith. This led him to prosperity and in the end saved his entire family from the famine. Even when he met his brothers, he did not blame them but gave thanks that it was God who led him to Egypt to save the nation and his own

I am happy to be in Vancouver – Esther (Costa Rica)

From the first meeting in Vancouver, I could really feel the Lord’s presence among us. It was moving to hear the passionate prayers of brothers and sisters and to see their sincere hearts toward the Lord. I was so happy to see how involved everyone was in the meeting, and I was able to enjoy every moment of it.

Live my everyday to glorify God – Jannie Tang

I am practicing to submit to God and resist the devil. I see the spiritual world is very real. All that I do is seen by God, the angels, evil spirits and the devil. When I say “no” to bad habits and temptations, bad thoughts and other things, God and the angels are cheering for me. I want to make decisions and live my every day to glorify God.

Take care of your spirit – Hanae Miura

For the past few Sundays, our group of high school sisters have been listening to a series of messages given by a sister. The messages are about the importance if taking care of our spirit by personally intaking spiritual pure milk and spiritual solid food. In order for my spirit to grow and be healthy, I myself need to take the initiative to spend time with the Lord. This can be by beholding God, praying to Him, reading the bible, singing hymns, listening to messages. If I am weak, I need to find someone to lean on. These two weeks

Fighting the spirits battle and relying on God – Sofia Chau

Our messages on Sunday’s by Amy have been very good reminders to me. One thing was about fighting the spiritual battle against the enemies. I feel that I am more aware of the enemies’ schemes and this helps me to freely ask and rely on the Lord for help. I have also set a goal to have break time at work so that I wouldn’t be too stressed out by my tasks, but to enjoy with the Lord during my busy days.

Sunshine’s improvements – Vicky Kan

Recently we had a new group arrangement to Sunday message time. The younger sisters will go out for their own worship, and the coworker’s will have this own time together. Through this arrangement, I see the younger ones’ love to the Lord. They take initiative to lead and practice personally so they can experience the Lord. I am happy to see their improvement.

Sunshine’s improvements – Amy Deng

Recently we made a new arrangement during the Sunday message time, to give 10 minutes to the younger ones to worship together by themselves. They take turns to choose songs and give reminders about worship. We were surprised to find that they really enjoy this time, and sometimes they do not end by the agreed time! Through this arrangement, they are learning to take more initiative to help themselves and each other, and they feel proud of their own improvements! Of course, I also feel happy and proud of them!

Spiritual Practice is important – Alice Tan

Recently I gained that the Lord really cares about what we say, our every move and everything about us. I should behold the Lord/Abba before I worship and pray. I also need to continually practice worship and praying, sing and read the bible every day. This way, our spirit and mind can be strengthened.