March 7, 2016

Deepest cry from children – Sharon Tong

When I had not reached the school age, I used to “pray to God” at bedtime and seek for protection. I was so scared by the dark side of the world beyond my sight. I followed people to Sunday school. After completing 6 years of elementary school which provided weekly Bible lessons, I was still searching for “peace”. I give thanks to God that He found me when I just got promoted to junior high school. I was pleased to know that now I can bring the little ones to Him to enjoy the abundance of His salvation. I hope

One Family – Ida Kong

I give thanks to the Lord that I have many lovely sisters to co-work with in the children’s group. I used to serve at Chinese family group as I have two young daughters. But last September I moved to English children’s group. I treasure more how the whole church works together to serve different people, especially brothers and sisters at different ages.

God’s Family is most important – Winnie Ng

Back in mid-December I moved from Campus Group to Children’s group. It took some getting used to but I came to realize how precious the co-workers were in children’s group. Although they have millions of things to do, along with super tight schedules due to family, school and work, they always make time to come together to have team time, phone prayers and to plan for activities. I treasure that coming together is by no means a burden but great joy, encouragement and good spiritual support no matter how busy we are. It encourages me to also put my part

Our Glory – Wai Ying Chai

During Family Day holiday I got to enjoy “family time” with my fellow group sisters. While worshiping the Lord about His coming, I understood more that He is worthy of all praises. Not only did He restore God’s plan as a whole but He acts personally in each of our lives. In all times, the Lord provides us with opportunities to be glorious while He works in the background to help us be more and more glorious. In eternity, at the stage of Christ, I’ll cast my crown before Him because He is worthy of all glory that I’ve gained

Revival early in morning! – Tuhien Trieu

Since the February English coworker camp in Vancouver, we have started teams daily at ‘Eden Garden’ and also Killarney center. I was surprised that the sisters were willing to continue even as early as 6:30 am due to work. I can sense revival in restoring the desire to draw near to God early in the morning. Whether rain or shine, we continue every day from Monday to Friday and even weekends. We have our personal time in the area and feel more focused. Then we would have a short team time to either worship, pray or share. We gain a