February 25, 2016

Take up the task and don’t delay to do it! – Katy Law

In the North American camp, Violin shared about the first and second journey of our movement. I admired how brothers and sisters had the true heart and desire for the Lord in the first journey and set their priority on the Lord. I treasure that in the second journey God gave us the everlasting way and finishing way to have a sure way to finish His will. Yet, at the end, I do not just want to admire or treasure, I need to DO IT. I feel blessed to be in Vancouver, and after this camp, I feel that I

A New Creation – Hanae Miura

During the camp, God helped me to see how I can help others to be close to God. I was blind about myself, but God opened my eyes to see myself. I need to live the life of a new creation. Most of my life I’ve been moulded by the ways of the world and I’ve become very Canadian. For example, I believe in just letting people live however they choose whether they believe in God or not, whether it is good for them or not. I didn’t believe in just letting people be when I was younger because I

Promise from the Juniper Tree – Candy Lu

For me, I like to see the whole picture. When Violin asked me what I wanted out of this camp, I told her I wanted to see a vision. To be honest, I had no idea what I meant. I just knew I wanted to see something. I knew I was also excited to see so many brothers and sisters I have not seen before as I told Tuhien and other sisters many times. Yet, I had no idea why I was extremely excited to see all of them. After the camp, during Fasting Prayer Meeting that following Wednesday, I

Revival! – Tuhien Trieu

I had many gains during this camp but what I treasure most was God’s commission, His presence and appearing in the worship. The Lord really helped me to recover from the surgery one week prior to the camp so that I was able to join and involve. From this, I was touched by His personal love and favour to me. This camp was set up mainly for Sacramento brothers and sisters, but in the end, many Vancouver brothers and sisters gain a lot!!! I was encouraged by the Lord’s passion to revive us to see how much He has done

Reflections on the commission camp – John Leung

Going into the weekend-long camp, I had no expectations. I was more excited to meet and pursue with brothers and sisters from other cities and to understand more about the Commission. After the camp, I had more tough questions than answers about my life’s direction. I wasn’t lost or confused; I just needed to be more decisive about following God. The camp was about commission and finishing way, terms that I’ve heard since I believed in God ten years ago but never seriously considered them. I knew that God has entrusted us to build the most glorious church after His

Experiencing the Lord’s love with brothers and sisters in break bread meeting – Tiffany Kwong

On Sunday, February 21, 2016, the break-bread meeting was very uplifting and touching. It was beyond what I could imagine because words cannot describe how wonderful the meeting was. When we sang hymns such as “When I Consider Your Love” and “the Glorious Lord of Life”, I was almost touched to tears. I treasure the songs we sang because I could grasp how much the Lord lived a life as a Man to bear our suffering and shame on the cross. He truly loved us and His love for us is sincere. I wanted to voice out early as I

Restoration of truth and our commission from God – Kerry Ko

It was not the first time that I heard about the truth that the Lord has restored and has given to us: from being justified by faith to baptism, to no sinful nature, to living out the church/family in unity. I teach piano so I understand it’s very difficult to fully pass on your understanding and skills to others. If we are able to gain and continue to practice 70% of the truth that is correctly interpreted without a trace of misunderstanding from previous generations, we are already quite good. But I realize we are more than just gaining 70%.

Don’t delay and step up – Vicky Kwan

The messages that Violin shared in this camp were not something new, but through the meetings and worships, the Lord personally called me again to take up the task and finish His work. It is not like a boss calling his staff but a beloved calling for his darling. He needs me and my love response now. Do not delay anymore and make excuses like ” I can’t do it” or ” I am afraid of this and that”. Instead, He reminded me to sharpen myself by just picking up what I need to do. it is by practicing more

Take up the Commission Now—No More Delay! – Blue Ngo

The English camp is the Lord’s valentine’s gift to me. I prayed earnestly to God before the camp and asked God to renew my vision and spirit; He answered my prayers with His presence and His words. I was deeply touched in the first meeting when Violin shared how God commissioned each of us and how people responded differently to His calling in the past history. She also shared how our church overcame all the hurdles to restore the truths that were lost in past generations. The information was not new to me, but I experienced the work of the