February 23, 2016

Take up the Task! – Amy Deng

Going into the camp, I had great expectations for myself, as I really desired for the Lord to confirm the commission in my heart once again, and to revive my spirit. During those two and a half days, I felt the Lord’s nearness and great presence in each meeting. Although I had heard most of the messages before, it seemed that many things were more clear and concrete in my heart due to the work of the Holy Spirit. The two main points that I gained during the camp were: 1. This commission is a personal love calling of God.

I experienced the Lord’s presence in the North America English Camp – Mayeth Navarro

It was my first time to join these special kind of meetings/camp. Through this camp I experienced the Lord’s presence with me. I was very touched we sang the song “The Long March of Love, the One Time Marathon”, especially the sentence “How you treasure my love for you, through all battles and pains”. He let me realize that what He treasures the most from me is my love response to Him no matter how many ups and down I may have. The camp encouraged me to pursue Him and give my love response to Him. I’m so blessed that