October 10, 2015

The Stage of Christ – Katy Lee Law

October 9th, 2015 On one of the Saturday worship trainings, we meditated on and worshipped about the Stage of Christ. The two kinds of stages that I’ve been on a few times for awards came to my mind…my school graduations and also monthly award assemblies in high school. My graduations were all boring and un-special. Everyone received more or less the same meaningless treatment…you just waited for a long time for your turn and then went up, shook hands, snapped a picture with someone you didn’t know, and walked down to wait some more until it was all done. In

His desire is the same at every stage – Katy Law

October 7th, 2015 In the “Give me a youth” Friday meeting I was very touched by the Lord’s desire for each one of us. I was one of the ones who shared how in 2007 the Lord revived me and how the Lord has led me to this day. I was touched seeing all the other brothers and sisters going up to share one by one. I felt that they were my close brothers and sisters and that we had grown up together. When I saw these brothers and sisters and when I was sharing, I thought about how the

Improvements in our group – Amy Deng

October 5th, 2015 Recently the Sunshine group has been experiencing some breakthroughs. From the September Sunday messages, we had been learning about the mystery of the universe, the core of God’s plan – a church that is the family of God and loves God and each other the most. As we recounted the past memories with brothers and sisters, many sisters were touched at how well supported and well loved we have been in this family. Many shed tears remembering the true friendships and care that they had received from older brothers and sisters. We all decided to involve ourselves