September 18, 2015

Cantonese meetings on Wednesday nights

September 9, 2015 Since August 26, the Senior group coworkers and Cantonese family group have gathered together on Wednesday nights to worship and have messages on the finishing way. Many brothers and sisters were inspired and enlightened of the way to pursue together. They feel hopeful and feel that the way is feasible. They see their importance in helping their families walk the finishing way and are motivated to pursue together! Revival is at hand! 星期三晚廣東話聚會 由八月二十六日起,長者團的同工與家庭團會在星期三晚一起聚會,一同敬拜和學習完工之路。不少弟兄姊妹得到啟發,更明白怎樣一同追求,感受充滿盼望,也體會這是可行的路。他們更看見幫助自己家庭踏上完工之路的重要,也更有動力一同追求。復興在望!

A big change for Friday night meeting

September 4, 2015 Since mid-August, the Chinese and English groups split for worship, sharing and message on Friday night. We felt the need to do so, as there was an increasing number of English brothers and sisters joining Friday night meetings, and the Chinese-speaking brothers and sisters could not follow the prayers in English during worship and vice versa. After the split, both groups were able to enjoy the worship even more in their own language and more brothers and sisters who seldom shared during sharing time were more free to share their gains. This was a big move, but

Breakthroughs in August fasting prayer meetings

August 31, 2015 After the end of the Summer Day Camp, we had 2 fasting prayer meetings on two Mondays from 11am – 4pm. Besides supporting God’s work all over the world through prayers, those on summer holidays and those who took time off work to attend the 5-hour fasting prayer meeting experienced how to draw near to God, wait on God and be drawn after God. Through the fasting, we understood how to lay aside our basic need (i.e., food) to discipline our spirit to focus on God and His will. We worshiped, prayed and even shared our experiences.

Open House so fun and meaningful!

On Sunday, August 23, Light and Love Home held its annual Open House. This year, our goal was to have fun and meet new friends. Therefore, we tried to minimize the work by keeping it simple with performances, food booths, yard sale and simple game booths. Instead of having the prize draw at the end of the event, it was done throughout the event with the person in charge approaching new friends. It was fun, and we had many new friends join us! Also, many people from the public heard about the butterfly release through the press release on the