September 15, 2015

實行身體助靈的幫助 – Jason Chan

最近星期五晚聚會,我們重溫2007年「重修大衛帳幕」信息。雖然我之前已聽過這一系列的信息,但今次再聽,對我有非常大的幫助。我體會到神真的很想在這時代有一群與衪最親切的人,同時也是最釋放的在衪面前,沒有阻隔,最自由的來敬拜衪,向衪唱詩。我體會當我們在這狀態時,我們就可享受神最多,經歷神最多。另外,我也體會身體助靈的重要,從前我會覺得自己是一個內斂的人,這些「動作」不適合我。但在信息中,我體會神很歡喜我用身體來敬拜衪,衪最想我釋放,衪最想我無 無束。我也經歷到有時是感受帶動身體,例如當高興時會拍手。但有時是身體幫助感受,如早上感受不好,反而當舉手,向主歡呼後,心靈就被提升。 為什麼今次信息對我有更大幫助呢?我想是因為這幾年來的操練,幫助我更容易經歷到信息的內容。不再是知識,而是親身經歷。去行,就可享受。

Good life needs good lifestyle – Rex Fong

August 16, 2015 This past two months, I have the chance to help out in the summer day camp full time. With almost twenty children and another twenty volunteers in the classroom, I saw how disorganized I was when I got sick only at the second week. All along I have had the urge to change, but I felt there were simply too many holes to mend. I needed some help. As things got busier, it also got out of hand for me. Gradually, I went from packing lunch boxes to convenient food, garbage piling and clothes unwashed. I felt

Improvements in worship – Jesse Lo

August 17, 2015 I have an improvement in using my body in worship lately. I realized that when I raised my hands and smiled to the Lord, my heart would become more set free before God, especially during meeting time. In the past, I was very self-conscious of my body postures and I was over-concerned about how others perceive me in public. I only raised my hands when I was told to do so. After many practices, I found that when I took the initiative to respond to God through raising hands and smiling, many of my negative feelings or

Saturday Training – John Lo

August 18, 2015 The recent Saturday training with brothers really helped me a lot in worship. Beholding Abba and the Lord causes my heart to be focused and lay aside all things. Using my body (i.e., lifting my head, smiling, raising hand) even makes my heart to be more free so that I could worship more easily and more joyfully. Instead of worshiping for the sake of worship, I can enjoy the essence of worship and to be close to the heart of the Lord and Abba.

Team time gain – Devin Liao

August 18, 2015 Team time and personal time during summer nourished my spirit and uplift me. Though it has been a busy summer, the blessings and gains from team time is great. Living with the Lord makes everyday abundant, I can also face all challenges and trials with strength and courage.

The Lord as a humble example – Fergus Wong

August 18, 2015 A few Wednesdays ago, we read the final chapter of 1 Peter. I reconsidered what it means to be truly humble. I thought I am a very humble person even before I believe in the Lord. I shy away from public recognition. I rarely boast and I lay myself low. But after I read the passage, it changed how think about humility. This chapter directly addresses the elders and younger believers. It is Peter who encouraged younger ones to be humble before the Lord. Yet when I look deeper into the advice for elders, I see the

The Lord has kept His promise – Frankie Hung

August 16, 2015 “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20, NKJV) We had morning draw near to God team gatherings from Monday to Saturday throughout this year’s summer day camp. We had worshiping time together in every team gathering. I gain a lots every time when I join the worshiping time together. Even though the topic of our worship is nothing new, we even repeat the same topic sometimes, but every time there is new insight or newness of depth. I find it is not the

God’s family life – August camp – Samuel Gao

August 17, 2015 On August 14-16, some of our group’s brothers joined the camp arranged by the family’s group. Our purpose was to help the higher grade young brothers to learn to experience God and the love of God’s family. In the morning we draw near to God together, sharing the Bible, and learning new songs. We all enjoyed to live in a simple but meaningful life like this.

Using our gifts to bless the world – Joe Lee

August 18, 2015 I feel so blessed that I can go to Myanmar and the Philippines this summer for missionary trips. One of the highlights for me is working on an exciting new school project proposal in Yangon, Myanmar. The school will be located in an informal settlement area to provide quality education to children of underprivileged families in the community. It has always been my dream to use my professional background in architecture to bless the poor and needy. After the Nepal Children’s Home, I thank God for providing another wonderful opportunity for me again to contribute and give