August 22, 2015

Rely on the Lord – Alexis Yung

Recently, I have been busy with my studies and exams. What I have gained is exactly what Tuhien said in the message this morning. I learned to have faith and to trust God. In the past, I used to worry a lot (because my mom worries a lot too), but I tried to lay aside all the obstacles that cause me to doubt God. Indeed now, I believe God has His great plan over me. He will guide me and make my path to be glorious. By action, I will rely on Him more and entrust my everything to Him.

Living out the finishing way together – Amy Deng

I enjoyed the camp in Gambier Island with the Sunshine group, Crystal group and Sapphire group sisters. It had been a long time since we spent leisure time away together. One of the group goals for Sunshine was to try to add simple daily practices to improve our spiritual enjoyment. We set a group challenge together to accomplish a few points in the finishing way, such as to give thanks before meals and pray after meals with a partner. I found when we did it together, more sisters were able to keep the anchor points. We also aimed to write

I enjoyed bonding time with sisters – Teny Li

I am very glad that I was able to join the camp during the BC day long weekend. What I enjoyed most was the bonding time with the sisters, whether individually or in a group. For example, I was able to have a conversation with my roommate, Assunta, before going to bed. It was great to have someone to share with. When we played group games together, I enjoyed the lively atmosphere with the sisters. I also had fond memories going to the beach and beholding the scene because it makes me think about how awesome God’s creations are.

Partners are important! – Jannie Tang

In the camp, I treasure to have a partner to set anchor points together. It helped me to go back to the Lord more often and live more closely with Him through the day. I am more stable in my praying after a meal anchor point. It is helpful to do it together with a brother or sister.

Team time and spiritual practice helped me to improve – CJ Manuel

On Monday morning, our group had team time together and we used the booklet that Assunta gave us for helping us be closer to the Father and the Lord when we worship. It said to look up, smile, and raise your arms/hands. I found that this helped me to focus more and enjoy the Lord’s and the Father’s presence with me more. It also helped me to know what to say instead of just basing the prayers from the lyrics of the song. I also based my response from what I felt towards the Lord from my heart. In the

What I enjoyed and gained – Mary Lo

For this year’s camp, I enjoyed spending personal time with the Lord. I like singing songs with the sisters and I gained how the Lord plans everything for us to go smoothly and His personal love towards us. My happy moments were when we re-acted Titanic, watched the algae, and went to the washroom together with Bianca and CJ. This was my first camp with the church and it was fun.