August 12, 2015

God Treasures Me, and I Treasure God – Hanae Miura

Aug 10, 2015 During the church’s Friday night message meetings, I have been learning about David’s tabernacle (1 Chronicles 15-16). During my own time reading the Bible and drawing near to God, I was touched as I read that the proper way for the ark of God to be transported was for man to carry it by its poles. Previously, Uzza transported the ark by using a cart and ox and consequently died. The ark was a symbol of God’s presence. Seeing how God desired man to be the one to carry the ark by its poles, I was touched

Continue to Improve in worship! – Tuhien Trieu

Aug 10, 2015 Yesterday we had the crystal coworkers dinner at my place and enjoyed so much. We shared of our improvements in the past 2 months. Though this year, we did not have our regular training on Saturdays at the park with Violin, yet we enjoyed the Saturday team time. Many of us improved in our personal time and involvement in the meeting. Personally, I have also improved in my meditation in worship. In meetings and during my personal time, I can focus on the Lord more and consider the truth with development and help from the Holy Spirit.

What a blessed summer it has been…and more to come! – Winnie Ng

Aug 9, 2015 Since the beginning of summer, the sisters in my group gather every Saturday for personal time, partner time and team time. Just recently I reflected on all the gains that I have received from a few simple changes that have attracted my heart to draw near to God even more each week and I would like to share them here: 1. Time – when time is limited it always makes me worry whether I can finish it or not, but I learned to lay aside this worry and move on to enjoy the essence of worshipping and

Seek God and heavenly things – Ming Mei Zhang

Aug 9, 2015 Recently the messages and team time worship really helped me to treasure what we have in this generation and this church more. And even though it may seem like small things I tried to choose the Lord more in my daily life and schedule as my life response to this and to Him. Previously, when I was in school and had exams, I use to worry and stress and take time away from meetings and also pull “all nighters” to cram for those exams, but this time, facing my biochem final while still working full time, I

Ask God directly and sincerely with faith! – Christina Kwan

Aug 9, 2015 No one said that life on earth would be easy; even the Bible says that a Christian’s life is not smooth, but full of struggle (1 Peter 4:12-19). Whenever people come across trials or face important decisions in their life, they may pause and think logically for themselves, relying on their own understanding and what they think is best for themselves. Some may seek the advice of others, whom they love and trust. Personally, I tend to take it upon myself to think through a decision, and also listen to the opinions from family members and close

Worry-free because of His promises – Katy Law

Aug 9, 2015 Recently in my precious prayers I have tried to think more of the Lord’s promises and to focus on His lovingkindness, greatness and glory. When I do this, I feel my prayers are more direct towards God and I can see more of His heart and will. By this, I can truly feel free and uplifted by what I pray, knowing that His promises are sure and true. I can focus on Him and be attracted to Him more than the items that I am praying for. For example, in the past month, I’ve prayed for summer

The Infinite One – Frankie Ng

Aug 9, 2015 Recently, I gain more understanding of God’s infiniteness. I thought about how He is truly everywhere I go, and that He has control over every single element of everything, down to the atomic level. Everything I see, He can easily reform it, yet He doesn’t disrupt anything, but subtly controls things and gives man the free will to live. He has knowledge of all things. He sees thousands of years like seconds, yet each day can also last for thousands of years. He can read minds and see the hearts of many. When I think how He