June 9, 2015

The global unity that glorifies God greatly! – Tuhien

Thanks to God for His special presence and confirmation in the English Coworkers Camp 2015. Seeing so many brothers and sisters from different nations and countries (Myanmar, India, Nepal, Madagascar, Zambia, PR Congo, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, UK and North America) worshiping Abba and the Lord, and walking in the everlasting way, I was deeply encouraged and more confirmed to trust in the commission and walk in the everlasting way! During worship and break bread meeting, I felt that all brothers and sisters were united. Even though the brothers from Raghestan prayed in Hindi, which was then translated to English,

Living in the Present – Frankie Ng

Recently our group is meditating on the Lord’s personal love and care for us after His resurrection. His personal appearing to Peter especially touches me. The Lord sought and pursued after me and has done all to gain me already. Yet when I stumble, when I have weaknesses, even putting him aside and desiring for something else, He still pursues after me so fervently yet so gently. He still provides and cares for me unconditionally. What He wants the most is my love and my heart. Yes. I do love the Lord! And what the Lord cares the most is

The Lord Shed His Precious Blood for Me – Hanae Miura

In this week I have been meditating about the Lord redeeming me with His precious blood. I am redeemed and forgiven of all of my sins by the Lord’s precious blood, and by His blood I am able to go before God with full acceptance. This truth helped me especially on days when I made mistakes. I was able to overcome the “shadows” with this truth and go back to God. This redemption is also according to the richness of His grace. When I meditated on the richness of God’s grace, I was amazed. More than sins forgiven, I have

Lord, what You want is what I want – Karine Wong

In a pursuing meeting, an older brother encouraged us to lift our hands in both personal worship and church meetings. He said, “We may lift up our hands when we are asked to do so. However, how can we help ourselves to practice this truth? How can we keep walking out the truth for the rest of your life? Let’s see what the Bible says regarding this particular truth.” I was inspired by the saying “walking out this truth for the rest of your life.” I said to the Lord that I really wanted to be a person who can