May 23, 2015

創造者是我真良人 – Kerry Ko

因為工作的緣故來到加拿大北部近北極圈的地方 渺無人煙 溫度太低連樹也長不起了 只有一望無際360度的凍原 我當夜間 所以工作時特別寧靜 一晚隨便跟主說句 “還沒有見過北極光” 不是祈求 只是跟主聊一聊 說完不久抬頭看看 便見到一幅一幅綠色的光從天的一邊伸到另一邊 很壯觀 驚嘆神的偉大 也驚嘆這樣偉大的祂對我有最深的愛 ———————– 主,沒人能及你這樣榮美、無限 你是至高永恆者 住在人不能靠近的光中 你用指頭創造了天際萬星 還很有情調地繪畫了天幕上一幅又一幅的壯觀動畫 和諧的天與地讓我稍微看見你對我美麗的心 你雖偉大 用六日創造了我眼見和眼不見的天地萬物 但在你面前我沒有懼怕和距離 因知道你已定意將心永遠給我 無限永恆的你全心全意地愛著我 對我傾心鍾情 天地展示你對我的心 你要我享受一切 要我明白進入你心 主我寶貴有你作我良人 能與你最舒暢地相愛 享受彼此了解欣賞

AP camp testimony – Alison Chan

This camp was well organized with the balance of important messages, family activities and team pursuit time. Not only did we gain many precious truths, we lived out God’s family in a natural way. Quite a few brothers and sisters expressed their amazement that they found no hierarchy in this church. I give thanks that God has given us the truth about the church being God’s family, and we can live out and enjoy this precious truth! How wonderful that this family is also God’s desire, His eternal resting place. To practice the truth of global unity can be costly.

Relying on the Lord Works – Teny Li

April is finals seasons for many students in university and this time can be quite overwhelming because of the high levels of stress and pressure. I definitely felt it, especially for my math final. I was anxious as I didn’t think I know the concepts well enough to succeed in the exam and there was only a few days left till exam to cram it all in. But two things I practiced from Wednesday cell group greatly helped me to overcome my anxiety: saying “Lord I love You” and realizing that I’ve gained the Lord and all is His. By