April 30, 2015

He loves me from the beginning – Katy Lee Law

Matthew 18:14 Even so it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish. I asked myself today…Why are these “little ones” so important to God that He talked so much about them in Matthew Chapter 18? What about me? I’m not a little one. In Chapter 18, He tells the disciples that whoever receives the little ones receives Him, that whoever causes one to sin will have a horrible end, that the angels of these little ones are always before the Father, and that the Son of Man would

Small talks to the Lord – Naomi Tong

In cell group, I learnt how to use the “Meditations of Love” booklet to talk to the Lord. I tried to use it by myself, and really enjoyed using it in this way. I felt like I had small talks all day with the Lord.

The blessing of daily partnership – Amy Man

I have been praying with a sister daily since January. Besides experiencing the blessing of conference group prayer weekly, I have been consistently praying with the same sister everyday; both of us experience another level of blessings. We plan for our prayers. For example, we pray for our family members, name by name, to believe in God. We plan for worship topics and study related bible verses before we partner up on the phone. We also share our difficulties encountered in life, such as at work, and pray together for strength and for God’s guidance. The benefits of our daily

Only in Christ, I Can Do All Things – Kerry Li

These days I am going through trials that test my faith and endurance. Sometimes I cannot stop thinking of my fear and I worry about my family and other things that I care about. If I keep on thinking of my worries, they make me exhausted. But every single time when I draw near to God and be with sisters, I can have the true peace in my heart and strength to face all things. I find that all the blessing and true peace are from God; there is no true peace from the world.

I have the glorious resurrected Lord! – Christina Kwan

This Easter, Tuhien shared a message on the meanings of the Lord’s resurrection. I haven’t thought much beyond the regular, “The Lord is Risen! He has overcome all things!” However, this time, my eyes were opened to know the implications of His resurrection. One of which is that it shows that the Lord’s promises are true. The Lord said that He would rise again, and all things came true just as it was written (1 Corinthians 15:3-4). There are many more beautiful promises in the Bible, that I can put my full trust in. This also gives me even more

The Glorious Lord of Life – Margaret Huang

I wanted to share my gains through a song that I learned recently: “The Glorious Lord of Life”. One day I was taking a rest on the couch after I have played with my son, fed him, changed his diaper and finally put him down for a nap, I felt so “dead”. I was functioning fine physically but spiritually and even mentally I was not. I felt so drained with all the daily routines of the baby and so trapped because I wasn’t able to take my baby out myself. And the worst of all, I have been missing many