April 23, 2015

We have hope about ourselves! – Katy Lee Law

My husband Samuel and I were chatting the other day about our very different personalities, our strengths and weaknesses. I was touched to realize that it doesn’t matter who we were before, nor how many weaknesses from our past we may still think we have. We are both and all on the same path to glory. God can use all things for good. We just need to work together with Him to help Him transform us more and more into His likeness. I look back at how I used to be 18 years ago when I believed in Him. The

Offering my youth to the Lord – Wai Ying Chau

I give thanks to the Lord for different stages of life. When I was younger I wished I could grow up faster so I could start working. As I am working now, I look at the past and admired the carefree days of my childhood. However, now I am thankful that I can grow up because I can live a meaningful life–a life united to the Lord’s will. When I think of the Lord having offered His youth for me, I’m touched. Likewise, I want to love Him and offer myself for Him.

Stay tuned for more good thoughts – Victoria Kan

I really enjoy Wednesday cell group when we come together and read “Union with the Lord”(Chapter 2). In the chapter, it mentioned two channels that we encounter everyday. The dark channel hosted by Satan and the light and love channel hosted by God. Every morning Satan would try to be the first to put negative thoughts, like worries, fears, accusations, to make us feel depress and not worthy of God’s love. Before I would be a victim of this. I would only say “Lord, I love you” after I get ready for the day but Satan already used the time

Make time for God – Tuhien Trieu

Recently I have been trying to make time for God before meetings and after lunch on Sundays. I find that it has helped me to be ready for the meetings. My heart is not rushed and I feel ready to worship the Lord. Many good thoughts come and I can focus and experience the Lord deeply. Making time for the Lord gives me peace, prepares my heart to be closer to the Lord, and deepen my friendship and lovership with the Lord!

More songs, more free, deeper truth – Katy Law

Recently I’ve been practising singing more songs to the Lord in my personal time. I learned not to limit myself to a few songs or guard myself to finish the whole song, but just whatever line comes to me, I will sing it to express what is in my heart to the Lord. I found what I gained daily, even in a short time was in a broader scope of the truth. I enjoy going from peak to peak. I also feel more free and more true in my expression to Him. I remember one time I was thinking about

Drawing Near to God in the Morning – Hanae Miura

For the past few weeks, I have been drawing near to God with a precious sister in the morning before work most weekdays. At first we did this over the phone, but now we meet in the park before I go to work. During this time, we have been using the content from our small group Sunday message. Our Sunday message in our small group has been about the “7 Treasures of Abba” which are topics about God the Father. During the time when the sister and I draw close to God together, we would have time to worship, pray,

His attention on me – Frankie Ng

One morning during my personal time, I especially enjoyed Abba’s full attention on me. I realized that all my life I had been seeking for attention. I lacked attention from my parents when I was young, as their attention was more on my older sister and younger brother. I seek attention from the teacher, from my classmates; wanting to be favored by the teacher or be popular. I never gained their attention. But all a long I already capture the heart of the greatest One and He has been thinking of me and longing for me. He knows me in