March 18, 2015

BMO 5k Charity Run for Light and Love Home – Wai Ying Chau

I give thanks to the Lord that we have a fundraising Charity Run this March. Often in the past I felt it was difficult to invite people to the run. But this time, I was able to invite 10 people to join this meaningful event. These people consist of student, coworkers, and friends. The Lord encouraged me a lot through this to raise funds for the needy and to help people see that they can lend their hand to the needy.

March Photo Exhibition

Amy Deng (Sunshine) On March 1, the Sunshine and Pillars group went on an outing to see the photo exhibition “To Live” – a collaboration between Light and Love Home and Photos for Humanity. Some of us had been to previous photo exhibitions before, and yet when we went this time, we were touched again by the stories of the people in the pictures. For myself, I was moved to tears by a picture of a teenage girl, and then another picture of the same girl with a toddler girl lying next to her on a cloth laid out on