March 15, 2015

Thoughts about the “To Live” Photo Exhibition – John Leung

The “To Live” photo exhibition organized by Light and Love Home impacts me a lot after visiting it earlier today. It reminds me of the tougher lives of people in developing countries compared to mine. It also depicts the emptiness and hopelessness of life at the end, and how this life cycle repeats itself throughout all generations. Alternatively, the photos on the adjacent wall hint how purposeful life can be if one so chooses it. As a legally-blind person, I always thinks that life is tougher than others’. But the photos of people’s lives in poor countries remind me how

His Glory and Beauty – Katy Law

After hearing about news of revival in Hong Kong and how greatly brothers and sisters experienced God’s presence in the meeting, I also longed to experience God’s presence like this. In the morning teams on Monday and Wednesdays, Brother Sermon had been sharing about God’s presence. It deeply attracted my heart, that I wanted God’s presence and Him Himself above all. I felt that I need to treasure His presence more. I wanted to see His glory and beauty more. I found that when I had this heart to seek for Him, He is passionate to reveal Himself. In the

主對我個人的愛 – Fiona Huang

好感謝主賜給我有星期二小組。開始時只是我跟另一姊妹,是2010年的暑假;因我的爸爸突然病逝,我的心情沈重、崩潰,打擊我很大。我感謝神有姊妹幫助,她用聖經鼓勵,更為我和家人禱告。一個星期後,我就恢復精神和心灵,過着正常生活。至今2015年,小组造就很多姊妹起来,我们维持了五年;人數不断上升,平均都有10至12姊妹;去年年底也加入另一弟兄小组。 我丈夫全職工作,我是全職媽媽;當我三個小朋友上學後和做好家務後,我都堅持参加逢星期二的小組。逢星期五小朋友放學後,我們一起去晚上聚會。我們坐公車要一小時,但我覺得值得,因我心灵不断有看見和進步。平日,我更和同工去老人院探訪和与姊妹們一起親近主,人生很充实和有意義。 我感謝神,生活雖然忙碌,但卻很喜乐。去年降生節是我受浸20週年;感謝主拯救了我,還使我在神家裡有20年經歷,多謝弟兄姊妹對我的關懷和照顧,我無比幸福。 以弗所書4章16節:「 全身都靠他聯絡得合式,百節各按各職,照著各體的功用,彼此相助,便叫身體漸漸增長,在愛中建立自己。」