March 4, 2015

Sermon’s recent messages in Friday meetings – Blue Ngo

In the Friday meeting, Sermon mentioned that the Church and Christ should be our priority. I had no doubt about it already, but I asked God to open my spiritual eyes more to see the preciousness of the church (this family). This is His will. How He opened Paul’s eyes and caused the great changes, I wanted Him to do the same to me and brothers/sisters. I remember in our group worship the next day after the Friday night message, I was touched that God used many brothers and sisters to mould me into what I am today. I can’t

Alpha, Sunshine and Pillar dinner gathering – Blue Ngo

In the children/high school coworkers’ dinner gathering last Saturday ( I missed it, but I listened to the recording), Sermon mentioned about the recent children’s revival in Hong Kong. Sermon’s sharing cleared some of my old concepts. I have been serving in the children’s group for more than 10 years, and Sermon helped me to see that children can have good understanding of spiritual things, and they are old enough to understand the bible and to make decisions about getting baptized. In the past, it seemed that it was good enough to let the children (especially the lower grade ones)