February 12, 2015

Christ and the Church – Kerry Ko

Brother Sermon shared lately about how God and the Church are one. We should set both God and the Church as the first priority. I used to think that God is my first priority closely followed by the Church. His message makes me more clear that Christ and the Church are essentially inseparable like head and body. Loving the Church means loving the Lord Himself. I want to love the church more and consider the benefits of the church more than my own, like what the Lord always does. I want to spend more time with brothers and sisters to

One wise plan can bless many people!

One Wise Plan Can Bless Many People! Thanks to God for guiding us to plan for a Multicultural Day for Light and Love Home. In promoting appreciation of different cultures, we were able to contact volunteers from different cultures like Japan, Uganda, Vietnam, Bangladesh, China, Philippines, Taiwan and Canada. When we talked to friends, colleagues and volunteers of the event, they were very enthusiastic to help. The volunteers took part in the event and felt a sense of importance and belonging. After the event, a Ugandan volunteer approached me to say he wants to be part of this community. He

Prayers – strength in ministry – Maggie Chen

I experienced the enemies’ attacks quite a lot in the last few days ever since I arrived in Toronto. My main purpose here is to invite my family members to church events and get to know brothers and sisters. The first night I got back, I had a nightmare and was very difficult to fall asleep (not because of jet-lag). So, I prayed to the Lord to help me and I used the authority to cast out evil spirits to be far away from me and my family. The next day, when I looked at the situation, I felt discouraged

Benefits of listening to messages and practicing them – Anchor Points – Maggie Chen

I listened to bro Fish’s message on anchor points and Sermon’s on how to set anchor points last May and July 2014. The Lord used these messages to help me a lot in terms of how to have stable anchor points in my daily life so that I can live to the Lord throughout the day stably. They shared the messages in a very organized way that I was absolutely convinced that I needed to stabilize my anchor points in order to walk out the truths. Therefore, for more than half a year, I’ve been practicing and stabilizing anchor points

賜平安的神 – 周筱娟

我在五年前搬到了本拿比区住,为了彼此有支持,约住同区的姊妹二人就开始了小组。她带着小儿子,我带着女儿,就在我家开始了。是神的同在,祂賜福小组不断壯大,现在已是一个十多个婦女参加的小组,有好几个都是带着小孩来的,姊妹們有同伴一起追求,彼此支持代祷,而小孩也有玩伴一起成長。 我好宝贵有这个小组,好珍贵身边有这班支持我,爱护我的好姊妹,是她们的爱和祷告,帮助我一家走过了許多难关。 記得三年前,我先生做了十五年的工作没有了,而他身体出现问題,要做手術,而我小産了,全家进入困境中。我在小组中讲到我家的难处,姊妹們都热心为我们祷告。当我先生做手術時,有弟兄送他去医院,全程陪着他。 主真的听了我们的祷告,我和先生的身體好快恢复过來,主又为我先生預備了全職的工作。 我好宝贵有神的家,我好开心身边有一直爱我支持我的好姊妹。 「耶和華說:我知道我向你们所怀的意念,是赐平安的意念,不是降灾禍的意念,要叫你们末后有指望。你們要呼求我,祷告我,我就应允你们。」耶利米書 29:11~12

We are expanding!

We are Expanding! Since the beginning of 2015, the English fellowship has moved to room AB for bread-breaking meeting, and the Chinese brothers and sisters are breaking bread in room D instead. We had thorough discussions with the coworkers of the whole church and all agreed in favour of this move. The English brothers and sisters are expanding faster and there is not enough room when they gather together to break bread. Both groups are happy with the new arrangement. The Lord is indeed blessing the Church! 我們正在擴張! 由2015年開始,英文組弟兄姐妹將會在AB房擘餅,中文組兄弟姐妹則會在D房擘餅。我們與全教會的同工商議有關安排,結果全體同工一致贊成這個安排。英文組的兄弟姐妹人數不斷擴張,原來的房間已經不夠用。兩組的弟兄姐妹對新安排都感到非常滿意。主確實祝福教會!