February 7, 2015

Christ and the Church – Sofia Chau

On Friday night meetings, Sermon has been giving messages about the mystery of Christ becoming a man. There were many points to explain this, but most points point towards the church. Lately, I’ve been experiencing attacks from the enemy within my family as well as my group, either through reactions of the flesh such as emotions due to misunderstandings, or thinking patterns that drive me down. However, once I understood more the importance of the church, I found that it was not worth to fall into the schemes of the enemy. I give thanks that the church is not one

Coming to Vancouver… Believing in God … Getting Baptized … This is God’s beautiful plan to bring me into this family – Cody Leung

Back when I first came to Vancouver, my only aim was to study and finish a bachelor degree in a university. And I had a clear mind of how my life would be: study, graduate, find a job, earn as much money as possible, then retire. At that time, my life was all about money. “If you earn more, you could buy more.” That was my principle. Money could fulfill all my material needs and allow me to live a luxurious life. But after I believed in God, I realized that there was something that we could not buy with