January 28, 2015

Best Companion – Kerry Li

I am having my practicum to be an early childhood educator in a day care centre that has very good reputation. This makes me very stressful, because I’ve never worked full time before and I have to achieve the center’s requirement in order to graduate. Then, I got a flu from the center, and I had to rest at home until I fully recover. During the two days resting at home, I had a fever and I felt dizzy. I felt like I was dying, I could not eat and could not walk. But there was a miracle this morning.

Every day is extraordinary because I have the Lord – Hilda Ye

I’m a university student and I have a part time job. Besides going to meetings on Sundays and cell group meetings, I have to either work or study on the weekdays. I did set some time to draw near to God in the morning and read the bible, but I always felt that I lack something for the rest of my day. Then I realized that I need to set anchor points for the rest of my day. In my school days, I set anchor points between my free blocks. In my work my anchor point is any time that

Improvements in 2014 – Penny Ng

Give thanks to the Lord for His appearing and guidance in 2014! The bible study on Wednesdays helped me a lot last year when I applied what I learned. Through studying about Paul’s life, his passion, his dedication and determination to rejoice, to live and to suffer for Christ deeply inspired me and encouraged me! I understand that ministry is not a burden, but a love response to the Lord. As a result, I love to be with brothers and sisters more because I see how each of them are precious in God’s eyes and they are truly my eternal