January 18, 2015

Breakthroughs in 2014! – Tuhien Trieu

I am very thankful that in the past year 2014, I have improvement in several areas: 1) Personal time/draw near to God: I feel that I can finish the prayer for myself and the ministry almost every day and I also enjoy the Bible reading time. I have read Bible more than the previous years and have enjoyment understanding God’s heart through His words. Often I was enlightened by the Bible and was captivated to read more. Also, I was able to lay aside my thoughts and burdens to worship God. Every time I worship the Lord or Abba, I

My baptism – Maggie Wong

I first learned about God when I was about 13 years old from attenting a Christian chinese school . God brought me to the Church of God in Vancouver about 4 years ago. My first impression of the church was that everyone was so friendly and welcoming . I never knew that church was like this before . Through attending Sunday meetings, having fellowship, and studying the Bible, I was able to recognize that the purpose of life was to know God and to serve him . I used to worry a lot about my future. But God has taught

為祢心意衝過一切 – Frankie Ng

你那浩大愛的计划 是用了你最大的代价來付出 人带來一次一次的失望 都没有减低你成就心意的坚决 我興幸能夠在你心意核心有份 和你一起去建造 我怎能因一些不真實的感觉 (比较,怯场,担忧, 能力问题) 而阻礙我去和你同工 我要衝破一切 不要自我中心 看见你和我在一起 看见我的寶贵 看见这是我的家 继续向那荣耀的标竿直跑 I wrote this poem to conclude the recent feelings and experiences I had. The sharing from Friday night meeting about the needs in Myanmar, Congo and India made me see how great are people’s desire to know God and longing for the truth. I also can see even more how great God’s plan is. How He has this in mind since eternity past, and has done many things throughout centuries to cause this plan to happen, and that this plan continues to eternity. When

A Fulfilling Winter Break – Teny Li

During this Winter Break, I had lots of time to come together with brothers and sisters to draw near to God together in the mornings. I find it very helpful because we can achieve high quality worship where we all open our hearts to share our insights/inspirations from God. Additionally, we are trained and reminded by Sister Violin to sharpen and refine our worship skills. As I am very busy during school days, I may not have such time like this to worship by myself. Therefore I treasure that I can get this “spiritual booster” before I head back to