January 6, 2015

A year of learning – Kerry Ko

I give thanks to God that in 2014 I could serve Him in different areas. I learned to preach more effectively. I took more initiatives to teach spiritually younger ones how to read the Bible and live with the Lord. I prayed more for my ministry, the needs of the church in Vancouver as well as in different cities. In particular, I’m really thankful that I got to serve God and the world through Love Your Neighbour Club. Through the ministry in LYN, I learned to consider things and make plans with details. I learned to be more people-focused rather

Abundant year – Sofia Chau

2014 was quite rewarding for me. It feels like having a plate with many delicacies on it. For certain items, it may taste strange for the first bite, but then you can flavour the richness of it. I had to put on more faith and see the joy ahead in the many things that I had experienced. This taught me to wait on the Lord with joy and patience. For example, I had to wait for few months for my residency, more than half a year for a job and still waiting, and weeks planning for a couple’s wedding to

Voicing out more – Wai Ying Chau

In 2014, I learned to voice out more. Through a Saturday training, I realized that my ideas became more concrete when I voiced them out. The more I said, the more ideas came to me. This helped me in worship. Sometimes I hesitated in praying out loud during worship because I was afraid of not knowing what to say, and many other similar thoughts hindered me. But once I prayed out loud, that hesitation disappeared and more content came to my mind.

Lord, thank you for bringing me to Vancouver! – Stanley Chui

I really want to give thanks to the Lord for bringing me to Vancouver. I remember the times when I was in Calgary with my friends; we would gather together for house parties often. We would hang out, make fun of each other and relax together. Although we had known each other for many years, what I knew about them was quite shallow. When I came to Vancouver, I often felt very lonely. I felt that I had lost a lot of friends and that there was no way that I could enjoy that type of friendship here. But I