November 28, 2014

Worship with set topics before dinner – Karine Wong

In this month, I have had meals with some brothers and sisters. We set a topic to meditate on the Lord’s personal love, and to worship together before dinner. I was touched in a very short time! After this experience, I made plan for myself to meditate and respond to God before dinner every day. I set topics according to my needs and based on the truth that had deeply moved me in the past. This has been affecting and transforming me for the past two weeks. I hope that I can keep practicing and become stronger in faith by

Enjoying phone prayers – By Frankie Ng

Recently, I have been able to have more stable phone prayers with the sisters in my group. In the past, I did not like to have phone prayers because I didn’t like to talk on the phone, and I wanted to focus on doing my own things. Having a phone call would disrupt my plans. But I feel that I lack the partner time with the sisters, and I would be less spiritually alert when I don’t have someone to pray with. When I have phone prayer with sisters, I gain the support from their sharing & encouragement as well

I love partner time – Heidi Lai

I do not expect that I can have so many precious phone prayers and partner time with different sisters when I first came to Vancouver from Hong Kong. Through partner time and regular phone prayers, not only can I support sisters, especially the young believers, but also be enlightened and encouraged by sisters. I get to know sisters one by one deeper and pray together for our personal needs. Thank you for opening up and all the memorable moments we have had together 🙂

Give thanks for my job – Stephanie Lee

Recently I feel tired and stressed out as I have to work overtime this month. One day when I was on the way home, I read the Sweet Daily Living Booklet and found out that there was a prayer I have not prayed for a long time. That is the prayer about giving thanks for my job. When I prayed according to the prayer on the booklet, my heart felt so touched. It reminds me how the Lord answered my prayers and gave me this job. I also remembered the Lord’s help at my work. I know that He is

Benefits of reading spiritual books – Maggie Chen

Lately I read Faith Meditation is the Bridge to Worship and Enjoyment (the book is in Chinese). It talked about some key points such as: -importance of guarding the mind (i.e. protect and lay aside things that distract my mind) -realize the Lord is here with me, face to face with Him -realize the truth (i.e. say “It’s true!”) -personalize (i.e. a personal relationship with the Lord) Reading the book, with in depth explanation on these points, helped me a lot in my prayers and worship. I am much more clear and fine tuned about the processes of meditation to

The Lord trains me at work – Jenny Lee

I have been working in the same company over 2 years and I believe it is God’s grace for me to be working there. I was able to practice speaking Mandarin as most of our clients are Chinese speaking. My improvement allows me to start communicating with sisters and new friends that are Mandarin speakers, so I’m grateful for that! Though I still need more practice to be fluent, I feel much more confident to speak this language now. In the accounting firm where I’m working at, it has a great difference of workload between tax season and off seasons.

This family is my vision, my goal, my dream and my rest – Penny Ng

One Friday night’s worship about the Trinity God and God’s family really touched my heart. For this family, Abba, the Lord, the Holy Spirit paid the highest price. God is the most committed, most passionate, most expressive and most persistent in this love plan. I feel so honorable and blessed that I am living in God’s deepest desire and will right now, enjoying the abundance and blessings of the salvation so freely. When we sang Home Sweet Home, one verse captured me deeply, that this family is my vision, my goal, my dream and my rest! My life and my