November 4, 2014

Group Bible reading – Richard Lu

Recently, the Pleasant Group brothers are reading the Gospel of John together. We’ve been practicing how to meditate on the truth, relate the words to ourselves and respond to God while reading the Bible. I feel it is very enjoyable; because we can study God’s words together and were hear brothers (especially more mature brothers) share about their experiences with God’s words. It helps us enjoy the Bible the way we may not have enjoyed before and taste the fruits together.

感恩節 – Sharon Tong (唐柳迎)

十月份,感恩節火雞午餐,「開心活力」長者成人家盼此可以接觸更多朋友,讓他們認識神豐滿的恩惠。我們並沒有什麼「特別表演」,相信來者不是為火雞餐而來,長者哥姐們的投入參予,帶來一個溫馨、輕鬆與歡樂的相聚。 大 Man與桂娥巧妙的設計,叫全場玩得開心之餘,又串插了多個精境的感恩花絮,一位長者為她能成功邀請一位年青義工來聽福音(後來也接受福音)而感恩,充份 表現長者對年青一代的影響力。相片中,也顯出長者玩遊戲時的投入。當然也不能缺少美食時光,食得開心。更多謝弟兄姊妹主動組合的唱家班及舞蹈表現,一同分 享主恩。