November 1, 2014

Perfect peace – Katy Lee Law

While doing my prayers in the morning, I was greatly touched by a realization of how well protected I am. I thought of this verse: “…Neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father’s hand.” (John 10:28, 29) I realized that not only do I have the perfect protection of the Father and the Lord, but the Holy Spirit also strengthens and protects me from within, and I also have many mighty angels around me. Also,

The beauty of creation – Teny Li

I give thanks to the Lord that He has helped me to discover many beautiful and quite places on UBC campus (such as the Rose Garden and the beach) for me to draw near to Him during school days. I really treasure the peaceful moments when I marvel at His creations and enjoy His special presence with me. When I drew near to God at the beach on my birthday, He made the clouds to be in an interesting pattern, and a seal to pop up from the water. It was quite a lovely sight and I could feel His

Blessings in South Africa – Thomas Chuah

I’m thankful that I could go on this mission trip to Pretoria. Here I’ve been able to witness the Lord’s wonderful work among the local Africans, and experience a personal renewal in how I view my ministry and this movement as a whole. Why did I decide to journey to Pretoria? I was attracted by sharings from brothers and sisters who had visited this place and reported how local African people were responding favourably to our ministry efforts. I knew this was a great step forward for our movement, and I wanted to do what I could to support the

Up another level! – Katy Law

Recently I had some time to reflect on God’s plan in my life. I especially began to give thanks for my current job, which is with Light and Love Home. I believe a great benefit of this job is that I am always surrounded by brothers and sisters. I can easily pursue the Lord with them. We worship, pray, and have reminders for one another. When I thought about it, I realized that my spirit is very well protected in this environment. Furthermore, I have become more free in this family. My concept of always being the “younger one” changed,

Staying healthy together! – Christina Kwan

This Sunday, the Crystal and Sapphire groups had the opportunity to partake in Katy’s intense aerobics class! Katy was recently certified to teach group fitness, and she couldn’t wait to share her love of fitness with the sisters. From cardio, to strength, to flexibility exercises, everyone had a lot of fun moving to the beats and working up a sweat. The sisters are passionate about keeping fit and staying healthy so we can glorify God and do more for His will!

From darkness to the most marvelous light – Irene Lin

It has been over three years since my baptism, three years since I got out of my darkness. Honestly, it is unreal to me that I have reached this stage of happiness right now. Three years ago, I didn’t know if I could finish school, get into the major that I was pursuing and make my parents proud. But to my surprise, everything worked out. I can tell you confidently that almost every day since my baptism, I have been feeling either content or very happy. Although I have experienced in these three years a huge amount of stress, difficulty

God’s Family is always with me – Tiffany Kwong

This month has been very stressful and the amount of schoolwork has been piling up. I wasn’t aware that the days have been passing by quickly. During school I was working busily and I haven’t been in contact with sisters lately. However, I noticed a message I received from my phone. It was Anson who is a very dear sister that I haven’t seen for a long time. She sent me photos of the Songs of Love hymnal with my first name on it. She had my hymnal! I wasn’t even aware that it had gone missing and Anson was

Practice leads to continual practice – Amy Deng

Recently, I’ve helped myself to develop a one page “worksheet” to walk out the truth more comprehensively in my daily life. I fill in my gains from personal time in drawing near to God through singing and worship, and reading the Bible; gains from sharing or praying with my spiritual partner(s) and any church meetings; and any reminders that I had received either from the Lord or from those around me. This helps to prompt me to do the “one thing that is needed” (draw near to God) daily, and to consolidate my gains throughout the day, so that I