October 31, 2014

弟兄小組家生活 – 阿 Sun

最近我們小組家生活一同吃火鍋很開心,弟兄們完了一整天工作走在一起,有講有笑,談到神在我們過去身上的恩典也很回味。 雖然只是簡單的聚餐,但實在活出彼此間相愛支持,這就是神家,神人安息之所!

The influence of the mind and thoughts – Karine Wong

I have some gain from Sermon’s messages that we watch in Friday meeting. I realize how influential my mind and thoughts can be to my whole person. I am strongly affected by what I think! In the meeting, I realized that I really desire to live a life that is joyful and glorious. The key is to practise and to know how to apply. After the meeting, I applied what Sermon had suggested: to tell myself the truth that “brothers and sisters like me and accept me.” I felt different afterwards when I saw brothers and sisters and chatted with

Living in God’s presence – Sofia Chau

In the past, Violin trained us to live in God’s presence at every moment. At first, I thought this was hard to do because it seemed like I had to make a lot of effort. However, she shared an example that made it easier for me to practice. Living in God’s presence in every moment is at times like having music in the background while you are focusing on another task. Even though you are not focusing on the music, but you are aware that it is playing in the background, and you can pay attention to the music whenever

Appreciations – Wai Ying Chau

I give thanks to the parents of the children that are in my group. They organized an appreciation moment for all those who work hard in helping their kids on Sundays. I felt appreciated for all the work that I had done. A mom gave thanks to me for helping all her 3 kids…I didn’t realize that all her three kids were under my care until she had said it. Helping the kids to know and experience God’s love is my greatest glory.