October 20, 2014

感恩節火雞餐晚會 – Ida Kong

2014年10月11日感恩節火雞餐晚會,我們邀請了十五位新朋友及幾家初信。加上弟兄姊妹和義工,大概共有七至八十人參與,當中還未包括小孩。 那晚主很大同在,預計一小時的表達和遊戲,最後超時了,但大家仍不想離開。向父母表達的環節,就仿似母親節;夫妻互相欣賞的環節,就仿似wedding party及結婚紀念日。我們有正常基督徒的生活,很自然就講出有主的人生。聖靈很厲害動工,因為當晚已有幾位新朋友問我們聚會的時間,夫妻如何相處等等問題。 現今社會及家庭問題,反映了人缺乏真愛及一份恆久不變的愛。弟兄姊妹,願我們努力去愛。

十月份生日會慶祝 – Ida Kong


Pursue & grow together with sisters – Stephanie Lee

I enjoyed the dinner gatherings with sisters in my group very much. Not only we had lots of laughter, but also it’s a good environment to improve myself in many areas. Through the arrangement of different sharing topics, I was free to share my own weaknesses and difficulties. I realized that I have to attend meetings on time and to be a punctual person. I am gradually improving with the prayers and encouragement from sisters. I am very happy that I can learn and grow together with them. I understand how to pursue with the sisters more. Not only having

Preciousness of His family – Frankie Ng

Recently, I have been able to see the preciousness in God’s family even more. During one of my personal worships, the Lord lets me see the beauty of heaven is the oneness with Him and brothers and sisters. There will be no more distances, misunderstandings, unfamiliarities, etc., but our hearts are transparent and of one. I do not need to wait for the day when we’re in heaven, but this can happen now on earth when I set my mind correctly. This sets my heart more free in His family and to love each brother and sister more. Even if

The Lord goes to work with me – Maggie Chen

Lately, my work place hired a few new coworkers and I was assigned to train them. When it comes to training, I know I become impatient; but this time, I experienced tips and guidance from the Lord which helped increase my patience and interpersonal skills. The Lord reminded me to put myself in their position. Let’s say if someone else was to train me, what should the trainer do in order to train me more effective, and at the same time, the person could develop me and build a friendship with me? This idea inspired me and I gave some

​​My dad supports me to get baptized! I am so happy! – Stephanie Qin​

I wanted to talk to my dad about getting baptized, but I felt nervous and didn’t know how to talk to him about this. I needed my family’s support and understanding before I got baptized. I was worried that my dad would not support me in this decision because he is a traditional Chinese and is deeply affected by buddhism. When I told the sisters about my worries, they comforted me and told me that the Lord would prepare my dad’s heart and give me courage to talk with him. Thanks to the Lord and the sisters’ prayers, finally I

Worship our True Beloved – Stephanie Lee

During one prayer meeting’s worship, brothers and sisters deeply enjoyed the love of the true Beloved and praised the Lord with one accord. It made me think about how we will worship the Lord in eternity. Also I tried to realize the enjoyment of the Lord. I thought that the Lord must be very touched and treasure us very much as we could understand His heart as our true Beloved. I realized that we are the most blessed one in the world. So I wrote this poem after the meeting: Lord, You’re incomparable, You deserve the virgins’ love! Your love

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Faith – Ming Mei Zhang

Violin’s message on Bible reading has encouraged me to read the Bible more and be more firm in the truth to experience Him. As she advised, I’ve started reading from Acts again. Specifically, recently I read Acts 3, where a lame man was made well through faith in Jesus Christ by Peter and John. It reads “And His name, through faith in His name, has made this man strong, whom you see and know. Yes, the faith which comes through Him has given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all.” (Acts 3:16 NKJV) It reminded and encouraged