October 6, 2014

My perfect Father – Katy Lee Law

Teaching Kindergarten again these two weeks has been very busy! The children are so new to school that they need me for practically everything (Imagine having 22 little children calling your name one after another or all at the same time for six hours a day nonstop!). I gave a small presentation to the kids’ parents this week and talked about separation anxiety. In my class, it’s not the kids who are anxious about going to school and being separated from their moms…it’s the moms who are anxious about leaving their kids with me! I’ve had mom after mom come

A decision full of blessings! – Winnie Ng

At the beginning of August, I thought about quitting my job after only working in the company for six months because I saw the needs in the campus ministry and the lack of man power. With a clear plan and the support of older sisters, I finalized my decision and handed in my resignation letter. It was a hard decision as it was my first job after graduation, co-workers were great (I would miss them very much), and there is a risk of financial instability. However, I felt peace in my heart after I prayed to God that He will

The kingdom of peace – Kerry Ko

When I read the news about what’s happening in the Middle East, I thought about the eternal kingdom of God. That is undoubtedly the most peaceful kingdom that man can ever dream of as it is He who rules all. In this world, many rulers and kings want to rule over things and people, but they can’t. They have their authority, but they lack real power and strength to keep all things under their control and protect their people. They do not know everything. But God is above all. Nobody can do anything without His permission. He rules over all

God is faithful! – Christina Kwan

A few months back, my future was placed in a random draw. As the final year to my degree, I have to complete a 10 month internship at a health authority, and I could be placed anywhere in BC. I give thanks to Abba and the Lord for their most detailed care and love that gave me assurance even in a time of uncertainty. In the end, I was placed at my first choice site, and I am able to stay in Vancouver and continue to go to church!! I could really feel Abba’s and the Lord’s most personal love

The Happiness of those who trust in God – Tiffany Kwong

I have been busy for the past week because of assignments after assignments. I have been staring at the computer screen a lot. Thankfully, I feel so happy for miracles that God gives to me. He helps me with my studies and motivates me to not give up. He spoke to me by revealing His words from the Bible in Psalm 34, “The Happiness of those who trust in God”. He confirmed my happiness by ensuring to have faith in Him. He is the One who motivates me and patiently shows His sweetness towards me. I am also thankful for

Every little bit counts – Alison Chan

On September 28, at our Sunday fellowship, we studied John 13, in which describes the Lord washing the disciples’ feet. Through this we were reminded to love one another, following the Lord’s example. Afterwards, we had a group sharing time to talk about how we have experienced brothers and sisters’ love. We then rediscovered that we were so blessed to have been loved by so many brothers and sisters through different stages in our lives. I was particularly touched and comforted when a sister shared about what I did to support her. Both of us were in tears when we

We are soldiers in Christ – Samuel Gao

From time to time the Pleasant group will arrange numerous exciting activities for social gathering and celebrations. In this Summer, we have group of 10 people who went to play paintball game at Tsawwassen. We found that it was so successful to know more new friends and be closer with the brothers.

Tuesday phone prayer with brothers – Stephen Choi


He gives more than we asked – Samuel Ko

This summer we have practiced how to pray to the Lord through talking freely to Him, and I have experienced countless blessings after doing it. One day, I told the Lord that I had some concerns about my financial situation. Soon after that, good news started coming one after another, and things happened better than we expected. Within a short time, my wife got a new contract in teaching, my salary got raised and the Lord sent a brother to help us to refinance our mortgage. From this experience, I learned that God treasures that we talk to Him…no matter