September 27, 2014

My goals – Naomi Tong

Ever since the high school brothers and sisters began our own break bread meeting, my goal was to voice out during the meeting. Now, my goal is to voice out more than once.

Cell Group – CJ Manuel

From the end of August, Amy, Naomi and I started a cell group meeting every Tuesday at 3:45pm. I find them very fun because not only do we draw near to God, but we also have mini activities that I find very enjoyable. When we draw near to God, I like the different methods Amy teaches us to help us to enjoy God more. I am looking forward to many more of our cell group meetings!

Breakthrough in ministry – Heidi Lai

I give thanks to the Lord for bringing me to Vancouver. I really enjoy the meetings, trainings, coworker gatherings here, which I regard as the important components in this 2-month-spiritual-internship. I learnt a lot, particularly in ministry. I appreciate the brothers and sisters here who do ministry diligently. We have detailed plans for all the young believers and gospel targets that no one is left alone. Secondly, I am impressed with brothers and sisters’ burden to save souls and their spirit of prayers. I was being reminded again that our effort will probably go in vain if we do not

I enjoy the coworkers’ dinner gatherings! – Tuhien Trieu

Every other week, the coworkers in the Sapphire group would gather for dinner. Last night was our 4th dinner since I transferred to this group. Though it was less than 2 hours, we really got to know each other more and learnt from each other through guided topics in our discussion. We set goals for ourselves and reviewed our progress. This motivates me to work on my goals and I really feel supported. Through this pursuit, I have improvement in sleeping early (by 11pm) and giving and receiving reminders. What a joyful path to glory and nearness to God!

Trust and follow! – Tuhien Trieu

On Aug 3, I was asked in the afternoon to change from supporting the High School group (Sunshine) to the campus sisters (Crystal). Then on the same day, during coworkers’ meeting, it was confirmed and effective that evening. In my life, I never changed group so fast in one day. I trusted the leader’s (Violin) suggestion as it made sense. They need me to help the harvest in campus as fall is coming soon. I was already comfortable and happy to see the improvement among the Sunshine group. Therefore, it was difficult for me to leave them but I need

Slow down and enjoy fellowship with the Lord – Crystal Ng

As a young believer, praying has been a learning process for me – from not knowing what to pray about, being too shy to pray out loud to finally being comfortable to share all with the Lord… Many sisters have shared with me that they often gain insights from the Lord through prayers. I can feel the presence of the Lord, but insights are something that I wish I could gain more often. Several sisters have reminded me that I often spoke too fast in my prayers. They suggested me to slow down and wait on the Lord’s response. Indeed,

Support with prayers – Jenny Lee

Recent Friday messages have helped me a lot to set myself free, especially from the works of the enemies. I learned the importance of prayers for my spirit and realizations of the truth. I am glad to have phone prayers with Penny on days when we don’t have meetings. Being able to share with each other helped me to solidify my gains and we also see the results of our prayers together. Having a stable, yet close support from a sister has definitely stimulated my desire and motivation to enjoy more quality time with the Lord. Combined with many prayers

Lead our family members to Christ – Penny Ng

Ever since the Saturday training on preaching the gospel, not only am I more confident in preaching as per my last blog’s sharing, but I am also reminded to pray and plan continuously to pave the path for our family members to believe in Christ. Since then, I have been praying and making plans with some sisters including myself in our group to reach out to our family members. Thank God that one of the sister’s family member started to join our meetings on Sunday after a few outreach activities; I was able to preach to my dad; my mom

Grateful for having You – Stephanie Qin

A few weeks ago, I took the first step and talked about baptism with my mom. Before I talked with her, I hesitated for many times and I was worried. Actually, through many sisters’ encouragement, I want to take the baptism. However, in my family, my dad is deeply affected by Buddhism and my mom doesn’t believe in anything, so I was worried that they would disapprove me to take the baptism, and maybe even would not allow me to go to church anymore. When I shared with my sisters from church about my worries, they shared their experiences with