September 19, 2014

中文組歡欣團聚 – Ida Kong

好不容易才找到一個星期天,讓所有中文組的弟兄姊妹聚集在一起。由最大年紀的90多歲,到最少的只有一個月大,我們都一起將感恩回聲給主。其中一部分是為這年剛出生的嬰孩們按手祝福,寶貴不同階段對主的回應。 On September 7, we brought together the Family and Senior Groups to celebrate the Lord’s abundant grace among us and to have laying on of hands for 7 newborns of this year. From one month old to 96 years old, we are ONE in God’s household.

Realizing the truths – Katy Lee Law

Lately, I’ve gained tremendously from practicing something that seems so small and easy. I’ve started to draw up pictures in my mind to meditate on and realize the truth better. I have done it before, but I’ve been doing it more often, to the point that it becomes quite natural. For example, when meditating about how the Father gave His Son for me, I thought of how the Father will never withhold any good from me. I pictured the Father with a warehouse packed with treasures, and He kept on giving me things and telling me that all of it

Trying my best – Amy Deng

Before I gave birth to my son, I had heard a lot of advice from various brothers and sisters with children. The one that kept repeating in my mind was, “Although times may get tough, try your best to do what you should”. Each day, when I feel tired and not in condition to worship or pray, I ask myself, “Have you tried your best to do it yet?” And on Tuesday evenings when the sunshine coworkers come together to pray on the phone, at times I would be tempted to just relax and skip it. I know the sisters

Singing and worshipping with understanding – Sofia Chau

Due to the teachers’ strike this month, I had morning teams with the sisters almost everyday. This gave me a chance to bond with sisters more, and to know more of their condition and needs. At the same time, God helped me to learn how to guide them. For example, I found that the younger ones had trouble understanding the songs, so an insight came to me to do singing differently by discussing about the lyrics together before singing and worshipping. After this practice, I felt that there was more enjoyment during the worship because we realized the contents more.

Morning and happy time with the brothers – Michael Li

The beginning of September is supposed to be the start of a new school year, but due to the teachers’ strike, there’s no school. The pillar coworkers decided to have morning team on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We worship and pray together. What I appreciate the most is that we created an environment for each other to draw near to God by being at the same place. I treasure to have such coworkers that come out in the morning to draw near to God together. So precious we are improving and walking on this Everlasting Way together. We encourage each

Enjoyable mornings! – Stanley Chui

I really enjoyed the drawing near to God times with the brothers over the past few weeks. As we prayed the precious prayers and realized the truth more, it prepared me to enjoy the worship a lot more, and I could really enter deeper into the Lord’s love. Hence, I experience the Lord in a much more personal and natural way. I also realize more how blessed I am to have so many good brothers surrounding me. The Lord really prepared the best for me – this was something I prayed for when I was still in Calgary, and He

A conversation with the Lord – John Lo

In the past two weeks, I joined the morning team with co-worker brothers. I treasure this time as I became more disciplined and motivated. Also, I learned how to realize the truth that I am talking to the Lord face to face when I worship him and pray to him. This sets free my mind and heart before Him, and it helps me to feel His presence more. I did not need to worry if I could finish the precious prayers word by word. Instead, I put my focus on the Lord Himself and enjoy a more personal conversation with

Barbecue Gospel Corner – Elise Choi

Mighty Men and Eternal Spring had a barbecue on Sept 14th Sunday late afternoon. At first, only ten brothers and sisters signed up but at the end there were about twenty people, including four new friends (two ladies and two men) ! This time, brothers and sisters took more initiative and were ready to talk to new friends about the Lord. While we were waiting for food, some sisters and a new friend sat in a circle to sing hymns together. We started with Amazing Grace, then Only Jesus. After that it’s very natural for us to share about our

A great time together – Mark Wong

This is the first time coworkers organizing this early dinner BBQ at a park for both brothers and sisters and new friends. Only part of the groups could make it, yet it was good beyond expectation. Allan and I talked to a new friend. We talked deeply about spiritual things. (The good food and nice settings were a good preparation.) On the other side, sisters were enjoying their fellowship. The gospel was so naturally brought out after they sang “Only Jesus”. God gave Alice wisdom to share the gospel in a way that fitted the new friends’ need. We were