September 19, 2014

中文組歡欣團聚 – Ida Kong

好不容易才找到一個星期天,讓所有中文組的弟兄姊妹聚集在一起。由最大年紀的90多歲,到最少的只有一個月大,我們都一起將感恩回聲給主。其中一部分是為這年剛出生的嬰孩們按手祝福,寶貴不同階段對主的回應。 On September 7, we brought together the Family and Senior Groups to celebrate the Lord’s abundant grace among us and to have laying on

Trying my best – Amy Deng

Before I gave birth to my son, I had heard a lot of advice from various brothers and sisters with children. The one that kept