September 11, 2014

From babies to family to seniors—We are One Big Family!

On Sunday, September 7, we had a gathering for the family and senior groups. Through the sharings, brothers and sisters were able to know and appreciate each other more and learn from each other’s spiritual pursuit. One thing that helped each group progress was establishing a cell group meeting to pursue together. We were also touched that those (over 90 years old) who were blind, deaf and could not mobilize well, came up to share how they treasure to know God and come to church meetings. We were encouraged that in our different stages in life, we can still continue

Adjustments help the teens to enjoy the Bread-Breaking Meeting

August 14 – Thanks to the Lord for the new arrangements for the high school and preteens brothers and sisters. For a long time, they had difficulty voicing out in the English Bread-Breaking Meeting. Since the beginning of August, we started a separate Bread-Breaking Meeting for them and the coworkers (of course, breaking the same bread and drinking from the same cup for the whole church). At first, they had to be helped to voice out taking turns, but they felt good. One by one, they came out of the bread-breaking meeting with smiles and brightness. They expressed, “It was

New plan to bless the children

On September 7th, we had a parent meeting for brothers and sisters whose children are taken care of by the Alpha and Smarties coworkers. It was a very positive, warm and insightful gathering. The coworkers who help the children on Sundays shared their joys and challenges in helping the kids. At the same time, their parents appreciated all the coworkers’ efforts and understood their challenges. They all came to an understanding that we cannot depend on just the limited hours of fellowship time on Sundays to have impact on the children. The greatest influence and best shepherds for the children

Yard sale for Congo

On Aug 31st, the whole church had a huge yard sale in the lower parking lot. The whole morning, it was pouring cats and dogs! However, the Lord answered our prayers and the sun shone brightly in the afternoon! So we could continue with the set-up of canopies and with moving the used items to sell in the parking lot. Many people came and supported the cause to build the orphanage in Congo by buying used items. Even a retired principal came to support and showed interest to go on a mission trip to Congo! The high school brothers and