September 3, 2014

Saturday trainings – Waiying Chau

The Saturday trainings have helped me quite a lot during the summer. I learned a lot about myself and opened up myself more to God’s big and warm family. I always thought I was not good at expressing myself, and doing it proved me right! But at the verge of giving up and closing up myself to people around me, I was conditioned to talk more, and I pushed myself to do it. Some of these training sessions involved talking in a group relating to a specific topic, and then leading worship. I was most impressed that every time I

I enjoy the break bread meeting more! – Kelly Dai Chuy

I enjoy the new arrangements for the break bread meeting, where the high school and children’s group have our own worship, because it’s a smaller group of brothers and sisters, and you are encouraged to voice out more. I also really like that in between each song, sometimes there’s a lesson taught, and it amazes me each time because I learn more and more. I really treasure how good the Lord is, and we should really love Him the way He loves us.

Shout for joy and work out! – Amy Deng

After giving birth, I am faced with many new challenges relating to looking after a baby, and I found that I was often entangled by many worrisome thoughts and accusations. When such thoughts came, I was reminded by the Lord through past messages, the current Friday night messages, and also sisters, that I need to use the truth to overcome those thoughts. Satan and the evil spirits will try all things to try and cut me away from the Lord, but He has already won the eternal victory, in which He shares with me. I ought to rely on the

Enjoying the last days of summer vacation – Katy Lee Law

After Summer Day Camp finished 2 weeks ago, many sisters had more free time. We came together to draw near to God, have lunch and hang out at my house most days of the week. It has been so good! On one of the days, we made crafts together and had a sleepover at the end. It’s amazing how well you can get to know each other in just one day! Jancis brought her friend Jasmine to join us for the first time, and she was already calling us “sistas” by the end of the day! I’m so glad to