August 27, 2014

My new attitude – Sofia Chau

The Lord has changed my attitude after attending the Saturday trainings. The trainings have encouraged me to have more burden and be more skillful in outreaching and preaching the gospel. I made use of my birthday this month and invited my students for a birthday party. In the past I would have actually preferred to be low-profile, but this time I really didn’t want to waste this opportunity. More and more my life is joined to the Lord’s will. Also, I’m very touched by the Lord’s birthday gifts to me. I really need to give thanks to Him. I submitted

Enjoyable week – Vanessa Lu

This past week I really enjoyed personal time with the sisters. Having sisters around makes worship much more pleasant and easy. They are a great motivation for me, and they help me to enjoy worshiping and reading the Bible more. Not only do we talk to the Lord, we also had some bonding time together, such as activities and going out together.

I gained happiness – Olga

Something that I gained this month by going to church every Sunday is happiness. I got to know more people and discovered how the Lord can help and change our lives. He gave me a person to talk to when I am having some trouble, or when I don’t have someone to talk to when I need something. The Lord helped me to be safe and let me have fun. These things would never happen if I did not go to church.

Chocolate – CJ Manuel

A month ago Tuhien taught us how to behold the Lord. She explained that we need to take time to dwell in God’s presence with a short sentence. I would say to the Lord “You are here and You love me.” It’s like when you eat chocolate, you need time for it to melt in your mouth. I took more time to behold the Lord and and I enjoy more. I have been doing this every time I draw near to God. Also Sofia taught me that when we sing songs, we choose a line that we enjoy and dwell

Crystal group expanding – Christina Kwan

Over the past few years, the Crystal group has been growing tremendously as more sisters are joining this wonderful family; God has continued to give new fruits to us! In response to this growth, we have now separated into two groups: Crystal and Sapphire. As referenced in Isaiah 37:31, we desire to continue to take root downward and bear fruit upward for the Lord! This is also a great opportunity for the sisters to get to know other sisters on a deeper level and to be raised up! What an exciting new stage!

Learn how to be a more effective preacher – Penny Ng

Give thanks to God for the Saturday training, I now learn the techniques on how to preach more effectively. I knew what the gospel is, but previously I tend to talk to new friends around gospel preparation topics more than directly share the gospel. Now, I learn how to use the booklet Good News to the World by combining the gospel preparation topics, my testimony, asking right questions to guide the new friend to Christ. I feel more confident, more organized and direct in preaching the gospel. May the Lord use me greatly in the coming days to bring more

Water activities and lunch at Deer Lake – Tiffany Kwong

Summer is coming to the end, but the weather isn’t cooling down in Vancouver! This Sunday, the Crystal and Sapphire groups and new friends went to Deer Lake for pot luck lunch and boating. It was so abundant because everyone’s dish was so unique and delicious! After lunch we took the chance to kayak, canoe, or paddle boat in the lake. Everyone had a good workout from paddling. Before it all ended; we we had a water fight! One of the finishing touches was to target MingMei, the birthday girl, to get all wet and it was a success! During