August 14, 2014

榮光團Squamish露營樂 – Ida Kong


I brought my student to Christ – Alice Jiang

Last Sunday (August 3), I invited Sarah Qu, a student who studies in the school that I work at, to the Going Up gospel meeting. She claimed to believe in Jesus Christ after the meeting. She felt peace after she followed the prayer to accept Jesus. She was also determined to give up all the things relating to Buddhism, as she used to be a Buddhist. I felt very happy that she made the decision. I plan to have bible study with her in school.

My friend accepted Jesus’ salvation! – Stephanie

Give thanks to the Lord that my friend, Lynn prayed to accept the Lord Jesus as her own Saviour about two weeks ago. She was one of my classmates in evening school a year ago. I understand that the love of God’s family and the testimonies of sisters will help my friend to believe in the Lord. However, she is not able to come to Sunday meetings as she has to work on weekends. So I asked sisters to pray for her and to arrange dinner gathering with her and her husband. We have built good relationship with the couples