August 9, 2014

Surprise! – Jancis Wong

In this month, many exciting events happened at church. One of them was the LLH Open House, raising money for charity. Seeing that it was a day before my birthday, I treated it as my own little celebration. What I didn’t know was that some lovely sisters and my brother had planned a sneaky party for the day after. It was one of the best birthday surprises, ever! The moment I opened the door, balloons attacked me in every direction, and I saw familiar faces of friends from school and church whom I thought could never meet each other. The

A welcomed new change – Sofia Chau

Our first high-school-only break bread meeting was a new and good change. Almost all of our sisters mentioned that the meeting with the whole English group was quite difficult for them to involve and understand. However, this time with the guidance of Violin, everyone was able to voice out and enjoy. A younger sister even had the chance to choose a song to sing. I really enjoyed this meeting as we all took our part to contribute and it felt like we all had a wonderful fellowship with the Lord and each other.

Celebrating the open house (a poem) – Leon Lee

Kids bringing their friends, parents, siblings to the game booths. What a beautiful scene Their laughter and smile Brings excitement for a mile First time to see many butterflies released into the air Kids and parents play fair Money is raised Kids and families around the world will be amazed Celebrating the open house Not knowing what to expect We work together Hoping everything is correct Meeting new Christians on that day Explaining this is not our first charity Oh yes the food you need to pay They are very accepted to the thought and ideas on that day