August 5, 2014

Light and Love Home Open House – Summer 2014

1) An Adjustment Made a Big Difference for the Open House The whole church supported and invited friends and families to the annual LLH Open House on July 27, 2014. It was a great success, as many commented that “it was the best Open House ever” and that “it was lots of fun.” Thank God for leading us to make some adjustments so that we could have such a good response. For instance, Violin suggested that we have no central performance but have the performances at the club booths. This led to more interaction with the people and let the

Joys of parenthood! – Amy Deng

This month has been a challenging yet fulfilling month for me. My son was born on the 2nd, and the days that followed helped me to learn and walk onto the path of parenthood. During these days, my hormones were readjusting, and the journey of recovery seemed so long. Whenever I could, I tried to help myself set my mind right, to see the presence and blessings of the Lord, and to continually give thanks for what I have. This practice helped me to overcome negative emotions, and have more strength and joy to trust in God whilst meeting the

Hard-working for the Lord – Katy Lee Law

Last week’s Open House and our preparation for it beforehand gave me a deep feeling in my heart. Watching how brothers and sisters (both young and old) in the High School group worked hard to prepare booths, prepare food, promote the event to local newspapers, organize food booths and game booths, then stand in the sun to sell clothes, promote the yard sale, etc., I saw their love for the Lord and for this family. At the end of that day, my heart felt full, like we had accomplished a lot. I felt very proud especially of the younger sisters.

Overcoming bad habits by relying on God – Wai Ying Chau

I have been having a Skype meeting with the co-workers in the Children Home in Honduras. We share the bible truths in these meetings and have fellowship with one another. One of the topics that we’ve been sharing is being a “new creation”. Sometimes after believing in God, we may feel confused of who we really are when we want to do something good but feel like doing something contrary to it. For example, when something goes wrong, you know that you should not complain but give thanks. Instead, you just feel like swearing. Knowing the truth can help me

Overcoming my fears through faith in God – Teny Li

This month, I was very active in applying for suitable part time/summer jobs. I did this mostly by searching up job postings on Craigslist and then going to the shop to hand in my resume. I am a person who likes to stick within my little world because I feel comfortable with the things and people I am used to. For example, when I was young, I refused to go to the library on my own unless my mom went with me due to my fears. The thought of venturing out into the world around me seemed very scary and

Realizing the truth more helps me see God’s promises – Sofia Chau

What I have gained this month is like a whole meal combo: trainings, tasks, ministry, etc. The month has been quite busy, but very satisfying. Before, when I took on more tasks, I did not have much faith in what the Lord had prepared for me, although I kept saying that He will prepare the best. Then I really asked the Lord to give me the best. After attending the Saturday trainings about realizing the truths and talking to the Lord, I became more convinced about the Lord’s promise. Soon enough, I did my tasks and ministry joyfully. With each

Set free – Mark Wong

On Sunday, 2014 July 28th, Light and Love Home had a Open House with games, food, and a unique Butterfly release to raise funds for charity (in the news). This is a total of 2 new experiences for me – 1st time to release a life, and 1st time to see many people doing it together. Hearing Joshua speech thrilled me. My heart was touched because I think of the Congolese can have spiritual freedom when they can know God’s love through charity work. This reminded me at one time I drew near to God with a Congo brother. He